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Cremation - new section for Firemaking/Prayer guides

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The following could be added to the Firemaking and Prayer guides.  The respective skill calculators could also be updated to include these new options.


Cremation is an alternative method of training primarily the Prayer skill (but also grants Firemaking xp) unlocked as a reward from the 2014 Halloween Event. Assuming you have it unlocked, by using a bone on a fire you will start to cremate them, yielding 250% of the normal xp from burying them in Prayer.  You will also 200% of the normal xp for burying in the Firemaking skill.  Simply right clicking the fire and choosing the "Use" option does not display the Cremation option in the popup menu at this time.  There is no known requirement in either Firemaking or Prayer to cremate any type of bones.


In addition, by adding a certain number of bones to a single bonfire, you will earn a temporary life point boost, just as you would for adding logs.  It is interesting to note that, although Cremation is much cheaper than burying (due to the increased xp yield per bone), the experience rate is actually lower than for normal burying due to technical reasons.


Adding the following types of bones will produce the corresponding life point boots/durations:


Bones - add 5 - maximum health increased by 5% for 6 minutes.  (Message seems to fail to print sometimes, but 'the warmth leaves your body' message still comes up some time later.)

Big bones - add 5 - maximum health increased by 5% for 12 minutes.



During Double XP weekends, Cremation yields slightly less experience than usual.  It gives only 200% in each of Firemaking and Prayer rather than 200% and 250%, respectively.  See the following JMod post and screenshot:



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