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Beast's Ironman thread. (Trim achieved)

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All comp reqs except DG completed (4M xp off)




Also some progress on trim





That is 3700 ish castle wars tickets together. ~90% to cw req.
Need 3050 cw tickets (191 more) and 12650 thaler ( 2900~ more) and req will be finished.
Buying Helm, legs, kite and sword with tickets and body with thaler.

Will try to finish the cw tickets by next spotlight, which I can easily do with enhancers. :)
Have to do a bit more MA and CQ for req so will do that on spotlight and probably finish off req by then.



Oh and I thought i'd share a picture from when I got my Teamsplit maul (hardest hardmode vorago rotation) because a team-member got the first ironman bombi in-game on it.
(Scrimshaw ran out mid kill <.<)







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And there I finally finished all the easy reqs. And now all I can do is wait. Exactly 2 weeks til my strange rocks finish. (28/30)




And this is how my ports looks at the moment:

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Got a really nice drop today.



Quite a nice surprise as I'm just relearning nex after not doing it in a while. Also tier 80 armour augmented with good perks is the best armour now so quite good!





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