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Hard Mode Armadyl - Sunday November 9th - 2pm EST/7pm GMT

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- Hard Mode Armadyl -



Time and Date
Date: Sunday November 9th, 2014
Time: 7pm GMT
Other Time Zones:
CET (Central European Time): 8pm
US Eastern: 2pm

US Central: 1pm

US Mountain: 12pm

US Pacific: 11am




 Friends Chat: Nick Levells
~~ This event will be CoinShare/Shardshare ~~


Meeting Location

- We will gather in the holding area of the Armadyl Encampment.  Please arrive a little earlier to get your 40 Kill Count before the event begins; 10-15 minutes should be enough time.  Server will be announced just before we start.
The Boss
- We will be taking on the valiant Kree'arra & his three bodyguards for this week's event!  
Her three bodyguards Flight Kilisa (Melee), Flockleader Geerin (Ranged) & Wingman Skree (Magic) will be attacking you while in the fight.  These minions are the hardest hitting of all in the God Wars Dungeon, so beware! 
Once regarded as one of the toughest & highest rewarding bosses in Runescape, Kree'ara has had a somewhat timely demise from glory... however it is definitely not to be underestimated & its drops are still somewhat worth a mention!     :D
Please Note: Gravestones will appear outside of the boss room & will be inaccessible to you until you get the 40 KC again.  Someone may be able to bless your grave in case you do die, but we can't guarantee anything so hurry back and make sure when in the boss room you are using protect item (and a sign of item protection is also recommended).  Please remember to gear up appropriately to get your gear back, you don't want to die another time while trying to get your valuable items back.     :P
It's advised you bring the best BoB you can get to carry extra supplies.  Don't forget an extra pouch or 2 also, along with a summoning / super restore potion to restore your summoning points.


Hard Mode Differences:

Kree'ara has 100k lifepoints and there are tornadoes in the room that can hit up to 3000+ damage quickly.  At some point in the kill, Kree'ara will go to the center of the room, pulling the tornadoes in and then releasing them - during this, Kree'ara takes 0 damage.
Recommended stats are;
70+ in either Magic or Ranged - Melee can not be used here unfortunately!     :(
Overloads help, SoulSplit too, but they aren't a must given the numbers that may well be attending.

We recommend at least lvl 70+ ranged/magic gear and weapons.
Please Note: If you have an Aviansie slayer task, bring your slayer helm for that extra damage boost!
Good Luck all!     :D

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Sounds fun! :D

More old-school than you know...


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6 man chainskirt



duo buckler (normal Arma)


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