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zerker quests

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hi, its been a while since ive played rs so I was thinking of making a zerker, just wanted to check I have the right quests.


The Fremennik trial - 2813 Defence Xp

Dragon Slayer - 18,650 Defence Xp
Monkey Madness - 20,000 Defence Xp
Nature Spirit - 2,000 Defence Xp
Heroes Quest - 3,075 Defence Xp

In Search of the Myreque - 600 Defence Xp (barrow shortcut)


45,338 xp in total. I know if I do holy grail (15,300 def xp) this will put me at 45 def but are there any other quests I could do instead of holy grail that will give a better reward


45 defence 61,512
46 defence 67,983



also pray xp, are these all the prayer xp quests I can do on a zerker?

Rag and Bone Man - 5500 Prayer Xp
Making History - 1,000 Prayer Xp
Recruitment Drive - 1,000 Prayer Xp
Restless Ghost - 1,125 Prayer Xp
Priest in Peril - 1,406 Prayer Xp
Mountain Daughter - 2,000 Prayer Xp
Ghosts Ahoy - 2,400 Prayer Xp
Another slice of H.A.M - 3,000 Prayer Xp (after 25 prayer)
The Great Brain Robbery - 6,000 Prayer Xp (after 50 prayer)
Rum Deal - 7,000 Prayer Xp (after 47 prayer)
Spirits of the Elid - 8,000 Prayer Xp
Swan Song - 10,000 Prayer Xp

Holy Grail - 11,000 prayer xp




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