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Returning to runescape


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I don't remember exactly when I quit, but it was around time when microtransactions came to game. 

I'm thinking about going back to game. 

Are there any guides on how to come back?

I don't know anything about new skill, or EoC or ports.

I also have 331 quest points. What would be good moneymaking methods for my stats to earn money for bonds?


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Welcome (back) to TIF and RuneScape!  You do seem pretty experienced!  First, if you don't have enough stuff for a bond, just spend the $8 or whatever real cash to get started in P2P.  You really don't want to slave away in F2P for your first bond :P.  Divination is the new skill, and it's not horribly complicated - you semi-afk it by clicking on wisps at different colonies to gain xp.  The main benefits to the skill are harvesting from Divine Locations (a 1x1 resource you can plant somewhere and collect from assuming you have requirements, i.e. 70 mining for adamantite ore), porters (which bank some items for you, not everything, allowing you to stay much longer at certain spots), and a few other miscellaneous things, such as signs to keep an extra item on death.


The best money is probably going to be some sort of bossing.  There are plenty of people on this forum who seem to be offering help, so I'm sure some of them will post on this thread and offer to take you.  I do have some knowledge of P2P but I only really play on F2P, nor do I have a P2P account with stats nearly high enough, so unfortunately I can't :P.

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Ascension caves is definitely a good place for cash. Slayer is still good, kinda oldschool but good. Mainly bossing now is how to make gp. Or even wc elder logs. Just a few quick thoughts

More old-school than you know...


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