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Solo dungeoneering


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I have a few questions about solo dungeoneering:


1. Small or Medium dungeons, and how fast should i be finishing each size? I've only been doing 5-6 min smalls, and 15 min meds.


2. Is doing c1 for lower floors even worth it? I seem to get around 2-3 min for c1s, when I've heard that c6s should be done that quickly.


3. Best Combat style? I've been using melee so far, but I've heard ranged is best. Does it make much difference?


Im currently 56 dungeoneering cb stats are:


46 att

47 str

40 def

41 mage

32 range


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Heya!  I haven't done much dging in P2P, but I do feel somewhat qualified from much F2P dging, lol.  I am assuming that you are doing this on your second account and that it is an Ironman account, but if I'm wrong please stop me.  The first pointer I would offer, though, is to go get higher combat levels before you explore dg more.  Having 70s-80s in melee + a second style for support is kind of an essential to farm dungeons effectively.  And then you can get the last combat xp you need while earning tokens for a chaotic, which is what I assume you're eventually after.


1. Small dungeons for most, medium for the top few (say 5) floors.  Small dungeons only took me a few minutes on most good floors, and mediums are a bit longer.  It's worth completing all/most of the doors on medium from what I could gather as well.  Of course my times varied a lot because often P2P doors blocked access to the rest of the dungeon!


2. C1 is much better with a few people rushing it together, but as you don't have that option I'm not sure.  The main problem is you can encounter a level 90 boss or whatever that still takes some time to kill, resulting in not much savings.  It may be worth it when your dg gets higher.


3. Probably smash away with melee.  Take some time to gather coins on a floor and smith yourself the best 2h weapon you can if you're not getting much luck with drops.

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