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10th Nov 2014 - Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves - Part 2


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Livid farm is the garbage requisite for comp cape.

I can't believe you are going to [bleep] about 200 laps in pretty good agility course.

You won't be unlocking much at livid shit hole in that amount of time.


livid shit hole sounds like an awesome name for a metal band. or a less awesome name for a porno.

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Nope, all new reqs are just normal.

edit: Misread your question; none with this batch, buying the ability for fero ring to tele to Morvran was from last batch.


Well that itself speaks volumes, it seems obvious to me there should have been about a 50-50 split.   Don't get me wrong I think some of them are perfectly reasonable and I look forward to trying all the content out (can't wait to get home from work currently). However it is clear that some of them are unreasonably grindy/RNG dependent. Why was it needed to both get the journals from the agility course and do 200 laps for example?


Both are the same thing. 8 journals, 1 every 25 laps, 200 laps total.


I'm 4 hours past getting all the journals, still nog "200 laps done" message or title unlocked, let alone one of those new emotes. -.-

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Same.. I've gotten all the pages and 1 emote, but still not the title for completing 200 laps. Maybe it's bugged?

Either way, it's a fun agility course.



Literally the lap right after..



"Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come."

"An imperfect man can do great deeds, and a great man imperfect ones.

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i did the 200 laps with no emote so i am sad i have to do more


EDIT: nvm lego got what he needed




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You can get gold rocks from harps for crafting


can you get pray from cleansing or div from shadow cores?


[spoiler=click you know you wanna]
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Did Imcandos smelt ores the whole time or is this a super ninja update after last night?

I've been afking mining pretty hard, ,but I didn't think it was hard enough to miss this before...


[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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Imcando pickaxe smelted ore if you mined ores that could be smelted.

Never spotted it smelting corrupt (evidently I left that bit out) ores




Back to sleep I go.


[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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harping 8k harmonic dust is roughly 600k crafting exp, in the most tedious manner possible


and after that it still requires items that got pricejacked in the market


for tools that will never pay back what you used to make them and the time spent on them, a shining symbol of the double standard of skilling gear vs combat gear


jagex: we have no idea what endgame actually means, we just sort of go through the motions, make the numbers bigger and the number biggerers bigger and hope the players interpret this as good design


yes, playing and tuning a harp are related to crafting and construction, you're just not looking at it hard enough

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Elf City Patch Notes - QFC: [qfc]15-16-301-65515900[/qfc]


Hey everyone,


Elf City Batch 2 included a number of updates to Elf City Batch 1. To keep tabs on what we have changed, please look over the list below.


Also, there are a number of changes that we promised to make to Batch 1 that are not included here. Never fear, these are still on the way: we are planning to constantly update the city, and we have simply been tied up with getting Batch 2 to you!



• Falling leaf particle emitter for the Crwys area

• Added clan names to the Elf City world map

• Made the portals in the Tower of Voices unique colours, to ease differentiation

• Crystal weapon and teleport seeds have unique models

• Spirit tree is animated!


• Musicians added to the Batch 1 area

• Crystal implings added to the tree-shaking scrimshaw (while under the Crwys Voice of Seren)

• Crystal seeds, including attuned, added to a number of Batch 1 drop tables

• Moved the POH in the Tower of Voices to the Ithell section (and the estate agent)

• Added Essyllt to the Iorwerth Manor for those who kept him alive

• Added the Seren Necklace to encourage pickpocketing of all eight families

• Musician gear added to the droptables of all pickpocketing targets

• Harmonised rocks should now appear in the Trahaearn section (Lady Trahaearn will announce when rocks become harmonised)

• Added more ways of gaining a crystal acorn, particularly from pickpocketing and combat

• Allowed players to rewatch the Elf City cutscene by talking to Arianwyn

• Coeden now sells plant pots with soil and watering cans

• Imcando pickaxe to give Smithing XP when used on corrupted ore

• Brawling gloves have become rarer on pickpocketing drop tables

• Seeds swapped with logs on Crwys pickpocketing drop tables

• GP rates lowered from pickpocketing drop tables

• Added a water source to the Crwys area

• Crystal shields, wards, deflectors now require a crystal armour seed to create (new item)
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New Crwys pickpockets: flax, yew logs, magic logs.  Gold has been changed to 150-313, by the looks of it.


Been pickpocketing Iorwerth elves.Got 10 sharks in 3 strikes, at level 98 thieving. Seems they did more than rework the GP table.

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They didn't add a Summoning Obelisk and Prayer alter to the Max Guild, which they said they'd do at Batch 2. One of the most important things and they seem to have forgotten about it.


Also, again, [bleep] these requirements. There are like 20 different requirements and every single one of them is RNG based. Every single one. What is the matter with their irrational obsession with luck?


Currently I am trying to do the Impling requirement (I have all but 2, Kingly and Dragon), and absolutely no luck with those two, despite spending time at Puro Puro and using almost 2 tree-shaking scrimshaws at Elder Trees and Mage Trees and even Ivy (they said in that once batch 2 hit using Tree Shaking Scrimshaw at Elders would be the best way to get implings - what an unequivocal and transparent lie). My scrimshaw seems to only attract a few of the common implings and recycle through those. I should not have to spend this much time on one part of one luck-based requirement out of 10 or whatever.


Just total bullshit. Again, [bleep] their incessant child-like obsession with the RNG.

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Apparently, tree shaking scrimshaws will spawn crystal implings only when the voice of Seren is active in the Crwys sector.


Kinda pissed off that the 200 lap req for Hefin title doesn't count laps where you use shortcuts. What.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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Apparently, tree shaking scrimshaws will spawn crystal implings only when the voice of Seren is active in the Crwys sector.


Kinda pissed off that the 200 lap req for Hefin title doesn't count laps where you use shortcuts. What.


Lolwat. Thankfully I don't take shortcuts, as they mess up Velocity. All these hidden trolls...

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I'm glad I scratched my plans about obtaining completionist cape and decided to just go for the XP capes instead. From the looks of it I've saved myself alot of headache so far. :D

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I used to be really annoyed when I didn't get comp back straight away, but now I have just accepted its probably going to take a month or 2 to get it back now. I'm fine just using Avas alerter at Araxxor instead of comp ,and at least the teles still work on the comp cape even if you can't equip it.  


Don't get me wrong I'm really not very happy at the prospect of the emote, moss, or implings, but I don't want to make it completely ruin my experience of the city by forcibly grinding it


I really enjoyed my first evening in the city and focused on the smaller tasks, like mining the sandstone, getting the crystals and music, starting on the shadow cores, a few agility laps. A bit of everything. I also got nice and lucky and received a recipe from the motherlode maw :)


I also did 250 crystal dust AFK when I was doing other things, and while its slow I do not think its unbearably slow. Its something good to just leave your character doing when you have other tasks to do and I'm sure I'll be able to upgrade my hatchet in a week or two.


One comment I would make is the drop rate of the cores from the divination area seems way to low to even consider being worthwhile as an alternative form of divination. 

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Batch 2 is incredibly disappointing compared to batch 1. The only thing worth doing there (to me at least) is the Agility course, Edimmus (and daily maw of course) and the crystal hatchet/pickaxe, which is a one time thing anyway.


Not to mention these god awful comp requirements. They are all [bleep]ing RNG based, why the everloving [bleep] are they forcing a trim playstyle on regular comp cape? Completionist cape is supposed to make sure you have done and achieved all the important stuff in the game, such as quests, tasks, prayers, spells and things like that. How the [bleep] does 200 Agility laps or picking 200 moss seem important enough to be required for Comp cape?


And why do we have to acquire titles? We never had to acquire titles (which are perhaps my single most disliked updates to ever hit Runescape) to get comp cape before.


Jagex, you can [bleep] right off with these requirements. Incredibly disappointing.

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[01:24:34] CJ Hunnicutt: it takes skill to be that [bleep]ing stupid

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So more on my Impling adventures:


- A friend ended up getting a Kingly on the same world in Puro Puro (I didn't see it, it spawned just as he was going to log out).


-I sent my noob in Puro Puro while I AFK'ed Crystal Trees with Tree-Shaking (again, those scrimshaws are a total scam, they don't get you any of the good Implings, they only get you the common ones that are easily found in Puro Puro)).


-My noob finds a Kingly Impling, binds it, I am almost there on my main, but someone else gets there and snipes it (though he gave me the Jar, but still). So back to Crystals.


-Then I find a Dragon Impling on noob in Puro and bind it for a few mins (as I prepare to log off on noob so I can log in main), and as I am getting there on my Main and my noob finally logs out, someone else is there (though no Butterfly Net, he seemed to be holding the Dragon impling I found for someone else). I get there and manage to catch it, to the lament of that tresspasser (and his friend).


Seriously, I wish serious misfortune upon the J-Mod who thought this was a good idea.

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Shortly before batch 2 release, the frequency of reward drops from completing laps of the Hefin agility course needed to be reduced to balance the amount of wealth and XP it provided.


This has had an undesirable impact on the frequency of cosmetic reward drops, like the serenity post emotes.


As such, I've made a fix today to add separate reward rolls for the emotes and worker outfit.


The fix is currently with RC testing, and I'm hoping for it to be hotfixed later this week.


If you're a maxed completionist grinding the course, and have achieved the 200 laps for the Hefin title, I'd suggest switching to other activities in the meantime. When this fix is released, you should find that these rewards are significantly easier to acquire.

Mod Stu just posted this on recent updates.

QFC: 15-16-893-65516130


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Just you wait until the Ungraced Trimmed Completionist Capers start flaming the Graced Trimmed Completionist Capers!

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