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Sapphite Knights | Tier 7 | One 99 Skill Required

SK Kittah

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The Sapphite Knights

Journey with us and know our glory!


Welcome to the Sapphite Knights recruitment page, we would first like to thank you for viewing our recruitment thread.


The Sapphite Knights are a community clan that partakes in a variety of events. We do almost everything; ranging from: Rated Clan Wars, minigames, PvM, PvP (Safe), and other unique events. We strive to make your RuneScape experience a better one. We have incredibly friendly clan members that know all the ins and outs of RuneScape. On top of that we also have a very professional and helpful administration team. They can help you with any and all questions or issues involving the clan, they effectively and proficiently take care of any problems in the clan should there be any. Our clan also offers weekly clan meetings that all clan members can get involved with; everyone can make a difference in the clan. Best of all, nothing is mandatory!



Tier 7 Citadel

All Tier 7 Skill Plots

Clan Dragon

Professional Clan Website

Weekly Clan Meetings

Weekly Events

Amazing Community

So Much More


If you are interested in joining please contact in-game: SK Kittahh, Rosaline, Corp Sloter, or Carapace.

Or simply message me or post below.




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Very interesting..I look forward to learning more.

More old-school than you know...


Proud Member of The Slayer's Guild since April 7th 2009.
Skill Total Goal Complete: 2500 - November 12th 2014.
Goal Total Experience: 338,895,206 - Goal complete November 2nd 2014.
Next Goal Experience: 1,000,000,000 -
Personal Kalphite Queen Guide
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