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Slayer Questions

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One of my favourite skills is slayer and I am just getting back into os again so I thought where better to start than slayer.


Currently I am only 50 slayer but I just wanted to get these questions out of the way before I forget.


1. What is the best block list? (Assuming all tasks are open and 4 blocks are available)


2. Should I extend the abby demons, dark beasts, etc tasks? And open the mithril dragons and armadyl task?


3. If I cannoned every possible task would I be able to make money or break even at least?


4. Would melee gear be sufficient for all the tasks? (Except kraken and armadyl if the ladder is unlocked)


5. What is the average xp/hour with cannon/best block list?



Thanks in advance=)

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1. Block lists are subjective, you can make it for tasks that are inefficient/annoying (spiritual warriors) or for tasks that you don't personally like. If you plan on cannoning a lot of tasks, you might want to block tasks that are inconvenient or unprofitable to cannon. 


2. You should extend the ones you don't mind fighting, abby demons is a good one, ankous is another good one. Metal dragons is up to you, opening up new tasks is also up to you, if you want to deal with them. I can't really answer that for you. 


3. Cannoning normally results in a loss unless you get really luck with drops. If you are doing it on every single task then yes, you will lose a lot of money. 


4. Melee is sufficient for most tasks if you have the proper gear. 


5. Not sure, maybe someone else can answer. 

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