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Recommend me an internet browser?


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That's not Chrome because I have issues with it. I'm currently using Firefox with a number (less than 20) of really helpful extensions so it tends to quickly eat up my RAM and then I end up killing it in Task Manager and restarting it to restore my current session - I have a laptop that I often have to shut down before I'm done with something on the internet so I just do that so Firefox remembers my tabs, which is probably a really stupid plan.


Mostly I just need it to play nicely on Windows and with Norton, have some sort of AdBlockPlus type feature, and be able to remember passwords and sessions easily (ie the next time I open it open those tabs again. Probably Firefox can do this so please tell me how?) If it works with most/all or solves the problem that I have the plug in for that would be great.

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Browsers options of any merit are basically


Internet Explorer - flawed security, very clunky.

Firefox - tends to run a bit slow because its so sprawling.

Chrome - tends to run the best for most users being good and lightweight.


So based on your criteria IE is all that is left, though the issues you describe sound like an old/under specced system or a dying system where the browser is not the issue, but the system itself.


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I don't know of any other miracle browsers to recommend, but to save your history for the next session, try:


Tools -> Options -> General -> In the "When Firefox starts" dropdown, select "Show my Windows and Tabs from Last Time"


This is for the version I have, but I'm sure it's in a similar place for older versions. If you are having trouble finding it let me know exactly which version you have and I'll try and track it down for you :).

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Uninstall Norton.


Really your only options are Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Chrome and Opera are basically the same browser. They both use Blink as their layout engine (the thing that parses the HTML and loads it into the Document-Object Model (the DOM)) and V8 as their JavaScript engine (the thing that runs JavaScript, the scripting language of the web), both of which are impressively fast and accurate. The only difference between the two browsers, basically, is that Opera has more features in its UI, which also means that its UI is bulkier. If you don't want to use Chrome, I strongly recommend using Opera.


Firefox uses Gecko for its layout engine and Spidermonkey for its JavaScript engine, both of which are slower than Blink and V8. It uses less memory than Chrome, but that really shouldn't be an issue if your computer was made in the last like 8 years. Really the only reason to use Firefox is if you're in love with the UI. If that's the case, then I recommend using the developer version because it receives updates 12 weeks earlier than the normal version.


tl;dr: Use Opera if you really can't use Chrome

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@Hawks, while I happened to like @Arceus's and 's posts above mine due to several reasons, I suggest you also try utilizing the "Restartless Restart" extension (:arrow: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/restartless-restart/) for FireFox.  Other than that it doesn't need a browser restart to install, it also happens to have the ability to provide you a one-touch restart on your toolbars, and a three-key-combo restart on your keyboard.  Further, with the pinch I see you're repeatedly getting into, this will enable you to just flatly restart the browser without having to crash it through Task Manager.  In short, the extension I'm talking about would help prevent FireFox's 'Session Problem Safeguards' from kicking in, because you can even go so far as to just suspend your laptop and then tell FireFox to restart itself with a single button press as you resume, bypassing some to many of your RAM issues as well.  Yeah, I've seen FireFox's RAM usage get out-of-hand here too, and "Restartless Restart" has bailed me out many good times. ;)


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Uninstall Norton, it'll fix a few problems.


Having had issues with Chrome and the same issues you were having with Firefox (although I only had 3 add-ons running), Opera became my browser of choice because it is much more stable than Chrome (No idea why, since it uses the same engines) and doesn't look like Chrome either (I hate the Chrome look, which I why I still have an older Firefox version, although I don't use Firefox anymore. Opera still basically looks like what the browsers used to look like (button placement etc).

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I use Mozila Firefox and I always prefer to use it but sometimes I also use Google Chrome.

I use firefox also. Good stuff.

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