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What's so great about old-school runescape?

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The map is on a separate page instead of in the game itself, at the top of that you have to manually scan your eyeballs to find something instead of typing the name of what you're looking for.


When you go to a bank it doesn't automatically heal you. I might not have minded having to steal from the bread stall in the past, but now I hate it as I have to fight these crappy guards.

Eating a shark will not make you poor and on the other hand will make fishers very happy!

And worst of all, no mithril dragons.


I honestly think that the people who say old RuneScape is better are just having nostalgia goggle glued on. I don't really see what's so great about the 2007 runescape.

Why do you have a problem with what other people like and play? If you think rs3 is better, you play rs3. If you think 07scape is better, you play that. No big deal.


''Worst of all no mithril dragon''


i compared the designs between mirthril dragon in modern rs and oldschool rs and im dying of laughter.

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    Chicken Feather

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Skedra I haven't been playing since 2012 when I quited because rs was boring, returned in 2016 and got used to rs3 in like 15 minutes and i prefer costumizable gui and EOC because I don't have autism. Btw I'm still waiting for any osrs spastic kids to respond to my over 2 year old post on first page, probably won't happen since I have completely rekt OSRS a.k.a AutismScape.[/size]

Btw I logged to OSRS only to find out it's full of [bleep]ing bots everywhere it's probably like half if not more of playerbase, while in rs3 bots make maybe like 1% of playerbase as we have botwatch.[/size]

Btw whats with shift to drop? LMAO you guys know old rs sucked that's why you slowly keep asking for rs3 features[/size]

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