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Looking for RS3 clan/active/helpful/friendly/PVM

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Hello all,


I am a veteran player who has been around the game for ~10 years. I have taken breaks off and on, but have only recently gotten serious about playing. The account I am on now is my first serious account. I have been in a couple clans, but nothing that has really tripped my trigger. 




I am looking for a clan that is active, but not huge. Something like 20 people on most of the time. I am mostly looking for something in the US, preferably central time zone, -6:00 GMT. I am wanting to be involved in clan activities often, whether it be minigame events, pvm, skilling, ect. The clan has to be friendly and like to talk and help out others. I am very noob to PVM, as I just recently got the skill levels to pvm effectively.


My Skills and Goals:




One of my main goals when starting the account was to max my PVM skills, 95 prayer, 96 herb, 96 summoning, maxed combat. I got untrimmed herb and prayer first. 


I am currently working towards max combat. 96 summoning is in my near future, and am going to possibly achieve it during DXP depending on how many charms I can collect in the next 2 weeks. Also will be finishing up Elf City reqs over dxp and I'll be in the city. I am also working towards a quest cape, but it is in the background. Am currently afking hellhounds while doing homework to hit 99 defence. 120 defense is also a goal in my horizons.



Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Best of luck in your search! If you might be interested in joining mine you can feel free to send me a PM/ask more questions over RS, but I feel like we might be too noob for you. There are a lot of low level players needing help themselves, but do try our best to have regular events. Our timezone is EST which is one hour off yours but should be compatible. We have a large number of members but the number online is about 20, less in the mornings due to work, school, and so on.

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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I'd like to extend and invitation to you for   The Last Souls

The Last Souls
is an all around friendly social clan. We're an active relaxed environment. We strongly encourage citadel participation. We have a Tier 7 citadel. The Last souls is not just a clan, it's a family. As a family we always have each others back and are constantly helping one another. We participate in a series of activities together to increase our clan bonding experience. We interact with all the many different activities Runescape has to offer such as Pvm, Pking, Skilling, Distractions and Diversions, Iron Man, Hard Mode Iron Man, Dungeoneering, quests, etc.

The Last Souls
 provides you with clanmates who are ready to help you in anything that you need help with like PVM, Questing, Dungeoneering or ready to have fun and socialize with you. Because of our vast amount of members we are able to provide a 24/7 chat with fun and friendly people who will easily become your friends. Once you're a part of The Last Souls you will never have to worry about having to find people to pvm/skill/dungeoneering/quest/etc. with because there's always someone in the clan who would love to hang out with you.

[qfc]290-291-831-65266682[/qfc] This is the QFC for the Runescape forums should you choose to look into us more.

If you have any questions please feel free to guest in the clan chat or to PM me in game my RSN is TLS SkidRow
I hope that you take us into consideration in your search for a clan, happy clan hunting :D


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