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Good charm droppers


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I have been collecting charms recently. Now that I'm getting closer to 200m dungeoneering experience, I'd like to tackle some another goal. I was thinking maybe 120 summoning (of course on a bonus experience weekend). I was thinking what monsters would be good to hunt? I know some of the obvious like glacors and waterfiends. But killing just those gets boring very quickly. I would prefer good rate of blue charms (but good rate of crimsons is okay too). Blue charms mostly because I plan to use all of my charms on a bonus experience weekend and using a lot of golds, greens or crimsons would require crazy gaming hours. I haven't been able to pull all day gaming periods for long time anymore.


If the monsters are rangeable, that would be perfect, since I would also like to aim for 120 ranged eventually (41m experience in). Thanks!


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Exiled Kalphite Guardians drop some blue charms and crimsons, as well as Tormented Demons. Of course the reason most people do Waterfiends is that they're kind of the runaway winner in terms of charm farming. The Familiarisation minigame may be your friend as it can triple charms for a short period of time. There's also Bork when available for a few free charms, but they won't get tripled of course.


I hope that helps a little, all I have for right now :P.

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Tormented Demons may be good if you can't stand glacors. In fact, they may be the best alternative.

I haven't played RS in weeks (and haven't been to TDs in months), but I don't think the rates would be much different now. 36% chance of blues, 22% of crimson (3 charms per drop). They're a decent experience as well, especially if you have ascension crossbows (~170k+ range xp/hr). Limb drops should more than cover the cost to 120 summon, if you don't have it already.


At 140 kph (this is reasonable at tier 85+ gear with about 20-30 hours experience), you'll get 150 blues/90 crimson on 'average' over a long time span. In 240 hours, I received 31k blue and 19k crimson (average of 120 kph over the year trying all kinds of methods, with all kinds of gears, etc). Spring cleaner + limb drops at GE mid would be 8m gp/hr gross.


They also require more skill and attention than glacors. I find glacors to be mindnumbling dull but only get bored of TDs if I no-life it.


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ascension cave is a good spot, glads and rors have a okay drop rate of blue and crimson..not amazing, but it's not too bad of a rate especially if you hang around just for keys.

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Waterfiends. Use the familarization boost, plus a waterfiends task. I managed to get ~900 crimsons during that time. This was before revo while spamming abilities with a controller joystick



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Hehe unrelated but I just did hellhounds for my 120 attack cape. I ended up with 136k gold charms. o.o So I guess if you want melee stats to 120 and gold charms, then yea...hellhounds xD


Of course now, you can turn them into greens and crims with divination

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Thank you all for your responses. I have done TDs only few times and found them quite hard to fight against. I never had enough motivation to learn the ropes. But I should definitely give them another chance. I'm going to give exiled kalphite guardians a chance also, just to have more variety. Perhaps I'll do more slayer after all (got a bit bored of that too recently). No hellhounds though, too many gold charms!  :D


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