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Jade T

Greetings Tip.It Forums!

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Hi everyone,


My name is Jade. I've been lurking around this site for 10+ years but I wasn't very big on the use of forums until just recently. I've found myself really enjoying posting and participating on forums now-a-days. It's can be quite a bit of fun with the right kind of people |^_^|  


My RuneScape username is Jadeybug, it's a skiller (+prayer) and it's fairly new-ish. I used to have a decent account, but back in 2008 it was hacked by someone I considered a good friend. I couldn't prove it and he denied ever take it so I just quit for a while. This account that I currently have is about 6-7 years old. It's got the 5 year vet cape & hood. I intend to develop this account slowly but surely throughout the course of the rest of this year.  :thumbup:


If anyone has any questions feel free to add me in-game or message me on the forums.


Have a good day/night Tip.It!  :D




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Hello and welcome to TIF! I am also (currently, at least) skiller + prayer...


Sorry to hear about your other account, that's really a shame. Usually it's possible to get it back from Jagex if you can give them enough relevant information, but it sounds like you might have moved on in any case. I hope you enjoy the forums and feel free to PM in-game if you like :).

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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Hello and welcome to the forums! Feel free to add me in game. :)

More old-school than you know...


Proud Member of The Slayer's Guild since April 7th 2009.
Skill Total Goal Complete: 2500 - November 12th 2014.
Goal Total Experience: 338,895,206 - Goal complete November 2nd 2014.
Next Goal Experience: 1,000,000,000 -
Personal Kalphite Queen Guide
Follow My PoP Blog!

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Welcome, enjoy your stay!

899th to 120 attack! August 9, 2014~!

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Heya Jade T, welcome to the Tip It Community. :)

"A pile of wealth, or a pile of bones" - Zodiac Lotus 2014.

10 year veteran cape - 03/03/15




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