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Spring Cleaner!

Nico Robin

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Hi, so I just realized I had a Spring Cleaner in my bank, people say it's good but I don't know how to use it or what's the best way to use it. 


So if anyone can help me it would be appreciated, thanks!



899th to 120 attack! August 9, 2014~!

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you can charge the Spring Cleaner with (max 500) springs. These are bought from the GE or won from TH.

When charged the spring cleaner can 'break' items dropped by monsters. You either get some xp or the raw materials from the item, which get send to your bank directly.


You will want to use dismantle mode, because researh mode gives just a tiny amount of xp while the item is worth quite a bit more.

You can configure the spring cleaner to tell which items it may break.


The most usefull is to break addy/rune items and they work great at slayer tasks where you get tons of rune drops.

Instead of getting the drop it will be broken into the raw ores (rune/addy + coal). This is usually worth more than selling the item AND you dont have to bank it yourself.

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