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How do people make cash now?


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Hey guys i have been away from the game for ages....


Whats a good way to make cash these days?


My skills are in the sig. 


This is a new forum account, i forget the password for my orignal account =(


Thanks in advance.




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Hi there! The truthful answer is that it depends very much on your skill levels. Based on your stat signature you seem to be maxed combat, so probably getting into bossing would be the best gp/hr for you. You have 99 Slayer too, so maybe kill Rorarius or other such ascension monsters if you need to get started, then work your way up through bosses to get more experience with the new combat system until you get to the more lucrative ones.


Dungeoneering and Divination are also skills worth checking out. Frost dragons, for example, are a very good method of farming GP's, but you'll need to get your DG up to 85 to access them. I recommend you block all your maxed out skills in terms of Daily Challenges and hope for the best, since they can give a hefty boost to Dungeoneering - for example a huge amount of XP for doing just one or two floors (two if you pay to extend it).


On a side note about your forum account, assuming you already tried resetting using email, I encourage you to submit an appeal through the 'Account Problem' tab at the top right. I can't personally reset it for you, but provided that it can be verified we should be able to get your old account back.

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one other thing to consider is in Prffiddinas Mining harmed runite ore when the voice of seren is in trahearn.


I'm assuming as you are only recently returned you might not be there yet.  With the right gear, and Friends chat, for not much attention its an easy 1.5-2m in an hour.


and...slay is always ok for cash too!


Welcome back btw :-)


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6m gp + 70k div xp/hour




If you want a bunch of magic xp and have a spring cleaner, afk muspahs. If you dont pick up any items and just clikc once every 5 mins to stop the autologout, its still ~1.5m/hr



Slaying for money is significantly different from slaying for xp in that you will have different block/prefers



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