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Your choice of a new quest & Sneak Peek at new Treasure Hunter Items!


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You told Jagex that you wanted a more lighthearted quest, and they listened. They've sent us a proposal for a list of 5 epic quests based off the originals. But don't let the similarities in the names fool you - these are very different to the originals. What they want to know from us is which you would like to see. Have a look below, and check out the main site for the live poll!

While Guthix Steeps - What's that, you thought Guthix was dead? Ha! Maybe you should have paid more attention to the dialogue instead of the space bar. The situation has become desperate as the Sixth Age threatens all of Gilenoir's existence. You have to get Guthix up and going before the other gods tear the world apart - but in order to do that, you must take on the task of brewing him the perfect cup of tea!
Sheep Hurter - Play this exciting take on the original by taking control of an aggressive male sheep. In this point-of-view thriller, you must ram (pun intended) a flock of escaped sheep into a pen before dark falls. We recommend completing this quest immediately after its prequel to help diffuse any latent post-quest traumatic stress that you may experience. Note: parental discretion is strongly advised for younger questers.
Myths of the White Sands - Sandy white beaches. Fruit cocktails. A mirror dimension to the Land of Snow, some would call this paradise. But when people start disappearing and the only witness is a little girl who tells tales of a man taking them away to a "happy place", is something more sinister lurking beneath the ocean waves? You'll help the King of the Beach unravel the details in a thriller that makes Broken Home look like a bedtime story.
Prince Ali's Fescue - As if being kidnapped and held for ransom wasn't bad enough, Prince Ali has a much more frightening task: he must prepare a Royal Lawn. Ordinarily this would not be a challenge, but this is the middle of the desert! You must work to overcome obstacles, both physical and bureaucratic, to channel enough water the castle to make grass sprout and brighten up the palace landscape.
Dragon Flayer - The Lumbridge chef's spectacular ambitions are only ever eclipsed by his epic failures. When he learns that he and Oziach are long-lost cousins, he wants to do something to impress him, and he has just the idea. Adventurers have long used dragon bones to fortify their holy ambitions, and hides to make armor, but what about dragon meat? You'll discover more than a few problems in this palatable quest!


We also got some sneak peeks at new Treasure Hunter items. These will be released tomorrow. First, magic unnotepaper will allow you to do the opposite of magic notepaper and burn through resources without all that tiresome running back to the back. Quest-skipping tokens, a super-rare reward, will allow you to skip a quest of your choice and earn all rewards instantly. Think of it as a space bar on steroids. Finally, there is something truly special coming to the rare slots: the Rose-coloured glasses. They will allow you to see and play the game exactly as it was at ANY date in the past, without those annoying glitches! Enjoy, and we hope you find this news to truly be a first from Tip.It!

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