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Skill Calcs & Planners - Updating Outift Bonus XP

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I noticed that the % bonus xp options on skill calculators and planners are a bit out of date; I tried to do a comprehensive listing of what needs to be updated.


  • You don't seem to have any of the TH outfits listed - Cooking, Crafting, Divination, Farming, Herblore, Prayer, Smithing, and Summoning each have 5-piece outfits, so they should have options for 0%/1%/2%/3%/4%/6%.
  • Construction has a maximum possible 7% boost, not 6%, because in addition to the standard outfit (1% for each piece * 5 pieces + 1% bonus for full outfit), you also can use a sculptor's chisel for another 1% (it does stack).
  • Hunter doesn't have an option for the enhanced yaktwee stick (5% boost). This should probably be a checkbox, not a dropdown menu. (I also noticed the page title & URL say "Hunting" instead of "Hunter", though the text at the top of the calc & planner is correct.)
  • Mining doesn't have the golden mining suit listed - it's a standard 5-piece outfit, so 0%/1%/2%/3%/4%/6%.
  • Runecrafting listings are out-of-date - it was updated to the standard 5% for a 4-piece set, instead of the listed 2.5% maximum, so it should have 0%/1%/2%/3%/5% options (or 0%/1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5%; see below.)
  • Woodcutting simply has a no/yes option, instead of a breakdown by piece - it should have 0%/1%/2%/3%/5% options (or 0%/1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5%; see below.)
  • Fishing and Thieving have the outfits listed (and calculated) as 1.25% per piece, instead of 1% per piece + 1% full outfit bonus. I actually don't know how the game calculates it. That may be worth testing, if you haven't checked it since the last relevant update in Sept 2012. This would likely affect the Runecrafting and Woodcutting outfits as well, since those are also 4 pieces instead of 5, and they might be doing something similar with the 5-piece outfits too (1.2% boost per piece).


All of these are true of both the skill's calculator and its planner. (Props for consistency!)

Obtained quest cape and base 92 before obtaining any 99s! Currently finishing out my 99s with the (long-distant) goal of comp cape.


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Sorry for the late reply - we've added most of these in now :). Just a few things that we're working on, if anyone happens to know:


  • Which categories does the Enhance Yaktwee stick work on, in Hunter?
  • Would anyone happen to know firsthand the boost for the Master Rc robes? Please only reply to this if you have tested thoroughly and know what you're doing, thanks!
  • The mining outfit is actually listed - it just shows up under the P2P and Combinations categories (not F2P) as a checkbox. Would it be beneficial to have it for individual pieces? It can be done if desired.


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I noticed that there is no toggle option for Falador shield 4 to get 5% bonus for Artisans workshop in smithing calculator.



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