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Why didn't red dragons and nechryaels get a drop table workup?

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This isn't a major problem, as I don't care much about how much the items monsters drop are worth. But this is still something I wanna bring up.


So greater demons, abyssal demons, bloodvelds and gargoyles all got improved drops.


Greater demons drop adamant 2h swords now instead of steel 2h swords. Gargoyles drop eight noted steel bars instead of three like they used to.


But red dragons have the exact same drops they always had. I still love fighting them and probably always will, but because of greater demons' improved drops, greaters are actually better to fight now than red dragons, it used to be the other way around, and it should be since red dragons are supposed to be more powerful monsters.


Why weren't the drops of red dragons altered at all?


I'm more surprised about no change in the drops of nechryaels. They still drop steel 2h swords, steel battleaxes and stuff like that. If other slayer monsters got their drop table changed for the better, why were nechs left in the dust with the same drops as they always had? With red dragons I can kinda understand since they aren't exactly popular monsters to fight, the highest level slayer masters never assign them, but with nechryaels they are more popular monsters to fight.


This is something that I do wonder about. Again, not a huge issue since I don't care how valuable the drops are monsters drop.


I mean heck I kill al-kharid warriors, hill giants and goblins pretty often. That shows how little I care about how much the drops are worth when it comes to fighting monsters.

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I think it's because of how Jagex categorizes monsters. When they had the poll for us to choose which monsters, they had them grouped up. 


It would be nice to see other monsters be re-worked, and red dragons I haven't killed in years. Didn't seem to get as slayer task very much. Otherwise I never saw the point in killing them. And looking at their drop table, yeah when it's most common drop is mithril items... that's not very good. lol


Red and bronze dragons actually I never really bothered killing.

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Because of what ElysianWolf said, Jagex updates categories, like the elemental-category. So if they are going to update the drop tables of dragons, the red dragons will get an update as well.


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Well, alright. That still doesn't explain why nechryaels didn't get any update.

Hehe, Nechs have such a terrible drop table. God I hate Nech tasks for that exact reason. *Gasp* A tuna, for me??? You shouldn't have !

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