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A question about Ned the rope guy.

Blaze The Movie Fan

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Has he appeared in any members quest?


I know for a fact he's in a ton of f2p quests, but I don't recall him being a major part of any members quest. Or a minor one even.


Back in 2004 when I did play these f2p quests before I became a member, he was pretty much everywhere.


But there isn't a single members quest I can think of where he's a big part. So yeah, that's my question.

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He gets a little easter egg after you do the Jatiszo and Neitiznot quest. Which is called the Fremmenik Isles, if I recall.


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He used to feature in a lot of quests by the sheer fact he was the only source of rope for many year, but in terms of active participation it's only lumby/draynor task set and dragon slayer these days.


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