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Is the quest that unlocks dragon warhammer worth doing?

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I know what some of you might be thinking, "Oh god he's making another thread about dragon items?", well I'm not. At least it's not the main subject of the thread.


But I need to do a quest to unlock the ability to hold a dragon warhammer.


But the problem is I don't have the required smithing level for it yet, not a problem I know I will when I have made 15,000 steel platebodies from the steel dragons I kill.


My question has nothing to do with the weapon itself, it's solely about the quest. Is it worth doing?


Also, keep in mind that I don't care what rewards I get. If a quest gave me four bronze daggers as a reward but has a fantastic story and memorable dialog, I would still consider it a good quest, and I'd do that for sure.


You see I care about if the story is good or not. If the story is awful, the quest is not worth doing in my opinion. If the story is good, I will remember it forever.


So yeah, tell me, is the quest worth doing for the story?

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I can't speak for the story of the quest firsthand, but I do have a suggestion for achieving that Smithing requirement to start it much faster. :)


According to the hiscores, you need only about 11K experience to get to level 80 Smithing, so that shouldn't be too bad. From there, you can use a Mature Dwarven Stout to boost your Smithing level temporarily by two levels to 82. This will be sufficient to start the quest you are mentioning (Birthright of the Dwarves), and from there I don't believe it is needed again. Making the stout is a bit of a process, but another option would be to use a God Banner for the boost.

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mature dwarven stouts are fairly cheap from the ge if you are willing to buy one. 


at one point in thier life they were rather expensive, but since one of the elf clans gives them for thieving like candy they are now very cheap




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'resolves the entire story' seriously over sells what this quest does - it's more like 'finds excuses to get rid of all the plot threads without really resolving anything that has been built up to'


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