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i would like to know why tip-it doesn't have a calculator for dunging?

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There are far too many things to calculate in to make an accurate calculator.


It is simply unfathomable for it to be done. tl;dr is more xp with more people and larger floor size. Higher floors are more xp, and you get more xp for killing everything in the dungeon, though that is slower.



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Can you elaborate more on what you mean? If you mean straight off calculating DG xp for floors, it is as Wkw says...simply far too many things to take into account to build a working model. Although I did have some progress for it in some special cases, years ago. If you mean calculating experience for things like cooking 100 dusk eels inside Daemonheim, most of our calculators actually do have options for that, under their Dungeeoneering section.


I'm also moving this to Website Corrections and Updates where it's better suited. :)

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Yeah to echo what others have said DG is kinda impossible to make a true calc for as its not a neat action x gives y xp skill

The base xp value you get for completing a floor is kinda like pick a number out of a hat with a few thousand numbers in.

Then that value is averaged against a prestige xp value.

Then that value is subjected to multipliers for floor size, guide mode, 'level mod', complexity and deaths to produce a final xp value.


Even if, for example, I was to play c1 small floor 1 with no deaths 50 times in a row I'd get 50 different xp amounts within quite a substantial range.


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Because it takes too much factors on like:


- Rooms opened (or not)

- Deaths

- Level



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