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What was your first level 99 in Runescape?


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Moving to Questionnaires where it is better suited :).


And as for me, it was Constitution a long time ago...

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I miss the option "none"

Oh wow I should've added that in (didn't get my first til like mid-2.3k total lol). It's just that I see lots of people trying to get a 99 first before going for anything else. If it appears as none just vote your current highest skill.

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I voted range which was my first overall on my tank acc. Later on I made my zerk acc my main and fishing was my first and str on osrs.

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maxed on 11/19/2013 . comped 5/12/2014


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Thieving, the reason for that is because I love playing as a villain, which I technically am with the thieving skill.


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Firemaking. When I first got members the first skill cape I saw was trimmed firemaking. Still one of my favorite capes :). Also I can say I got without the help of bonfires lol.




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Magic! I got it up very, very close to 99 and then held off on actually finishing it for quite a while, because I just didn't feel like it yet. Which also meant I had to avoid training Dg for a while, because it was close to 99 as well but I wanted Magic to be my first (definitely my favorite skill in the game).


What finally made me get those last few xp was BXPW, when I realized I could hit 99 Summ pretty easily. So I got 99 Magic, Dg, and Summ in rapid succession.


I played for about 9 years before getting my first 99, and I had my quest cape and base 92s before getting any 99s as well.

Obtained quest cape and base 92 before obtaining any 99s! Currently finishing out my 99s with the (long-distant) goal of comp cape.


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To those who trainer to level 99 firemaking, don't worry I won't bash you for it, even though I personally don't like the skill, I have no issue with anyone who likes training it. But my question is, is anything useful you can unlock after you finally get the ability to light bullseye lanterns?


Being able to burn logs isn't much of an accomplishment. In most areas with high level trees, there are lower level trees there as well. So if you are nowhere near a range, and need to cook something like a chicken you kill closeby, you can use burn the lower level logs as well.


I really don't see what you gain from burning higher level logs except firemaking EXP.


The firemaking cape looks very cool, I will give you that. If that's the only reason, it's still a good reason, and I accept it.

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Firemaking.  :)  I might try and find the picture actually.


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