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uninstalling steam


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I downloaded steam to go for the cog wheel outfit before I found out that it would take a 5 gig download.


Been trying to remove but I keep getting the steam pop up and this morning got hit with a massive download for a program update.


What programs do i have to remove to stop this damn thing from jacking up my internet bill. I have removed and uninstalled every program with that came up with "steam" in a keyword search but i'm obviously missing some.


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I'm assuming Steam's instructions/manual removal weren't helpful then? You could have to remove it manually if it isn't in that folder - I suppose that could be one issue.

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Agreed on what Arceus posted. Please let us know if it didn't work. Steam should be uninstallable from the control panel but if it's not there are other ways to do it. If you really don't want steam to have internet access you could always block the steam website in the host files (just never forget you did that since you'd lose access to the steam website as well).

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