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Question on quests: certain quests not doable in Legacy and EOC-mode?


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Dear all,


I have a question on quests. In my quest for the quest cape :shades:, I'm currently struggling with the quest: Birthright of the dwarves.

I admit having a (very) difficult time dealing with the boss fight at the end of the quest.

I tried to do it in legacy mode and failed until now. (I prefer legacy mode but I will switch when deemed necessary)


Is it just me, or is this fight supposed to be fought in EOC-mode?


I remember for example, when I did The Brink of Extinction quest that I had the same problem and I only finished that quest by switching to EOC (when the fight was actually much more manageable).


I was wondering any of you have the same experience with the last dwarven quest,

and secondly: (I'm working on all the quests, chronologically, working from old->new) are there more recent quests than the latest dwarven quest that are supposed to be finished/fought in a certain mode (legacy and/or EOC)?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Kind regards,



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Basically those quests came out after the release of EoC. Which means that the fights are designed with the use of EoC in mind. It is advisable that you finish these quests in EoC modus, as even then it is a quite tough fight.

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Most of them will indeed need EoC for combat or a certain weapon in Legacy (if you get lucky) because you need special abilities/attacks to take on certain quest monsters and defeat them in any reasonable length of time. The quests that came out post-EoC are (not a terribly long list :() and I italicized ones that have a decent amount of combat required, to the best of my knowledge:
Dishonour among Thieves
Heart of Stone
Broken Home
Plague's End
The Mighty Fall
A Shadow over Ashdale
Fate of the Gods
One of a Kind
Missing, Presumed Death
Birthright of the Dwarves
The Death of Chivalry
Bringing Home the Bacon
The World Wakes
Demon Slayer (reworked)
The Brink of Extinction
Rune Memories
Rune Mysteries


Aside from maybe Bringing Home the Bacon, Broken Home, Missing Presumed Death, Rune Memories/Mysteries, Heart of Stone, Dishonour Among Thieves and maybe the reworked Demon Slayer, most of them require a decent amount of combat and EoC might be a good idea ;).

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All the zanik quests had a bug in them (when I tried them half a year ago) when you used EoC abilities, so those are actually better played in legacy.


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It is mandatory to kill one of the Chaos dwarf bosses with an ultimate ability, so you cannot do it in legacy mode.




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