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How do you know which miniquests you did already?

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Dear all,


As the title already suggested, I really want to find out which of the available mini-quests I already did in the past.

I play runescape since many years and I'm trying to finish all the quests and mini-quests but for the latter, I can't really remember whether I did them or not.


Things like:


Did I unlock all the balloon routes?

Did I return Clarence?

Did I catch the Thalassus x times?

Wandering Ga'al...

Koschei's troubles...


Of course I could try to find out for each one by trying to complete them and getting a massage lie 'you already did that...',

but isn't there a more elegant and easy checklist to thick off?


What are your experiences with this? You all just remember? Kudos then! :)


Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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Just  recently you can see your progress on comp and trimmed comp cape in the (I guess) heroes tab. There are a few mini-quests on there which you can see ticked off or not.


I personally have a file in which I put all the extra stuff I still need to do.


Retired item crew

I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

If you want to add me in game, add "essiw".

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RS Wiki has a table here that you can use to keep track. Click a row to highlight it.and mark it done (click again to toggle). Presumably that sticks as long as you don't clear cookies :P. Speaking of which maybe we can build a more detailed page for Tip.It...

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