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Slayer Belt – RuneLabs Update

Miss Lioness

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It is crazy to think about how long RS has been around. I still play almost every day but only for a short amount of time to send ships and a few other daily money makers. I went from knowing pretty much everything to being a noob due to updates and new content I haven't followed. Anyway I think low levels are important because the game will die off if at least some new accounts don't stick around each year. I have to be one of the few people left that started playing in 2001. But of all accounts created then how many are left? Anyway the belt update seems good, if I slay I still go after the low?(the slayer master in the cave with the water fiends) level things so this is some what useful for me. 95 slayer I think maybe 96 dunno. I'm probably doing it wrong but whatever im a time/xp waster.

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i'm not exactly low level but i like it anyway, saving inv/bank space is always nice, though some tasks i dont bother collecting any charms due to inv space early on, that can be a little annoying


cant you destroy those things and get some tokens back? or that only work with the weapons?

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I think that works only for Chaotics (and Gravites), not every item in the shop unfortunately :s.

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