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Looking to join a clan - fun and friendly - UK/EU

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Dear TipIt users


Im looking to join a fun and friendly clan - i am an 8 year veteran (on and off) and have recently come back and started a new account and going to get members soon most likely - but first im looking for a group i can just chill with in CC for now


Things i can bring to a clan :  


+ 6 years Volunteer Computer Support Technician (ongoing) - this is in the form of an IRC chat room where random people drop in and ask how to fix their computer issues among other devices  :shades:


+Experienced with Enjin and many other website builders software so able to edit/update/monitor your clan website


+ Quester = On my old account i was questing all the time and only got my skills up to meet quest requirements - had Quest Cape before the release of Nomad's Requiem so if anyone in the clan needs help with quests - i can help with the majority of them






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Hello, Sir Alan H. I'm HonorTk founder and leader of TheKorrupt. We are a casual community with minimal requirements. 500+ total if you're a skiller or 60+ combat. I myself have leadership and admin experience. I am currently working as an Assistant Community Manager for a independent game development studio. We have noone in eu/uk and are hiring staff for divisions such as eu/uk areas. if you are interested then please visit us at TheKorrupt.com

eVQvMOQ.png - Click to visit our forums.


Founder and Leader of TheKorrupt a Multi-Gaming Community.

For personal signature inquires e-mail me [email protected] Any non-related e-mails will be deleted and reported.

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Heyya Sir Alan H!


The Brotherhood is an Old School Runescape clan that was established in June 2016. Although relatively new, The Brotherhood was founded by previous clan leaders and founders with over 5 years of experience leading.
The Brotherhood is made by the members and for the members. Our goal as a clan is to create an environment of commradery for our members and friends and for the Old School Runescape community. To promote this environment we listen to what our members want and we try our best to build a clan that supports those needs. 
Check out our website and information page http://brotherhoodrs.enjin.com
we hope to see you in the future
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