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Tip.It Patch Notes 1.0 - Tuska World Event & Ability Book Update

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As you may know, the Tip.It Crew work behind a set of doors just thick enough to muffle the screaming prevent eavesdropping. However, starting today we are pleased to announce a new feature: Tip.It Patch Notes! This will be a regular feature to give you the forum users an insight into some of the content that Crew have been working on updating and adding, as well as helping to bring down the barrier between the site and the forum. It will also serve as a place to give feedback or suggestions on things that can be improved, if you like! Without further ado, I present to you the list, featuring our Tuska World Event guide. We even have a live feed to track the progress of the event on our homepage http://www.tip.it - go check out it!


Homepage Update

  • The daily progress for the World Event (contribution from factions and the current fraction of what is needed for the day to defeat Tuska) has now been added live and auto-refreshes in both the guide and on the home page!

Guide Updates

  • Ability Book - updated information and added sample ability bars for beginners
  • Construction Guide and table updated with Aquarium information
  • Music Guide page updated and now features all 1,042 tracks.
  • Quest experience guide is up to date
  • Summoning Guide refurbished.
  • Tuska World Event guide published and updated with this week's mechanics changes.
  • Thaler page added

Item Updates

  • Added in Astromancer promotion items
  • Anti-dragon shield (both overworld and Dungeoneering) are now marked as hybrid class due to a patch update from Jagex
  • Champion's scroll info updated to reflect no longer needing to re-obtain the scroll in the event of losing
  • Charm drop enhancer has been added
  • Gud equipment/weaponry has been added
  • Information regarding the Bladestorm Drape cape has been added
  • Karil's items have had their quantity limits adjusted in accordance with a patch update by Jagex
  • Off-hand Armadyl c'bow added
  • Some Slayer items have been updated to indicate that they can now be added to the Slayer belt
  • Tuska Warpriest added
  • World Event items added
  • Varrock armour 3 and 4 have been updated to reflect some shuffling in benefits from a patch update

Calculator Updates

  • Clan avatar bonus options have been added to many of the calculators and planners, for the perusal of players who are in a clan with clan avatar(s).
  • Construction calc/planner has been updated with the aquarium items
  • Some Treasure Hunter outfits have been added to the calculators and planners

Updates from the Community

  • Ghost Hunter Armour drops have been added to several monsters, including in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame guide
  • Information on Aquarium related items
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Nice :D really like this.


Just thought of that if this would be a thing when I was part of the (item) crew. The item list would be to large... I had to much time on my hands (and an obsession with the item database in the tiniest details) back then I guess :3 Wish I had that time now... would definite do it again ^_^


Retired item crew

I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

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