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Mod Pi talks spawnrates.

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Nothing wrong with an educated guess :P.

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No, Urza isn't a Jmod. Nor did he claim to be.

I think you missed the joke :XD:, in regards to JMods usually giving replies/answers to questions that are at times akin to educated guesses at best.

Someone got it. :P
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And how on earth does increasing his spawn rate solve the fundamental issue with CE's profitability?

I think you should check the wording. I think as far as profit they might meant appeal. The bosses appeal as far as worth-while doing may have suffered due to low spawn rates. Many players really like the chaos elemental pet, but the spawn rate is so atrocious that the appeal, despite what players are after, has suffered.


but chaos elemental has the fastest natural spawnrate of any boss, equivalent to fastest spawn in an instance...



Doesn't change the fact you still whop.

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