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Bonus Exp Confusion/glitch?!?! PLEASE HELP


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So i used the black perals you get from shadow of ashdale on crafting i currently have 47 crafting and i am an ironman, i have 13k in bonus crafting exp stacked up i decided to do flax and get 50 but the thing is when i do it and it says i am getting 30 exp per bowstring plus 15 bonus exp...... all of that is fine THE PROBLE IS.... that it dosent take that bouns exp from my remainder but it dose take it off of my bouns exp counter so its being used up but is till have to get the full amount ep and therefore just being used up and i am getting nothing from it not it is it taking it from my goal remainder witch is to get to 60 crafting. so even though its saying i am getting 45 ( 30 + 15 bonus) the 15 is iindajust there and i am not actually getting it anf its really frustating, please help because not to mention fromother forms and rune HQ and runewiki i should be getting 1 : 1 ratio exp for the bouns exp so getting 20 for the bowstring i should also be getting 30 bonus but i am not gtting anything and yet it is still being used up, so i could really use some help.

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As far as I'm aware, it's only 15xp per Bow String .  Therefore, if you are getting 30xp on your counter you are getting full value for your Bonus Xp i.e. 15xp + 15 bonus XP = 30xp. 


This is what will show on the screen.  +30xp (15 Bonus XP)   -  the bracketed amount is included in the intial figure.



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You are getting it as a 1:1 ratio. Making a bow string only gives 15 xp. The number in parenthesis is not added to the main number, it just shows how much of that main number is bonus xp.


So when you see....


+30xp (15 bonus xp)


It means that you are getting 15 xp + 15 bonus xp.



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Yeah just to reiterate again what others have said.


The format of the xp pop ups is +Total xp gained (Amoung of this that is bonus xp)


So if you get +30xp (15 Bonus xp) it measn you have gained 30xp, 15 of which was bonuys xp.


If you made a bowstring without bonus xp you'd get +15xp


If you made a bowstring with bonus xp on a double xp weekend you'd see +45xp (15 bonus xp)




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