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I need a Ranged Weapon


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Hey everyone!

So I currently have an Att. Crystal Bow and DL Darts. But, I need something that fires actual ammunition (mainly Dragon Bane for Rue Dragons). I've listed my options below, and would like to hear all of your opinions on each. I play DIY, so I'll be getting all of these weapons as drops/building them myself.If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. These are my stats: http://services.runescape.com/m=hiscore/c=g4Bh01BY1iU/compare?user1=Meranek


Chaotic Crossbows: Currently have 79 DG, but only 40k Tokens.
Royal Crossbow: Would have to kill QBD to build and Brandish crossbow.
Dark Bow: Would have to kill Dark Beasts
Zaryte Bow: Would have to solo Nex (no experience).
Ascensions: Need 95 Slayer (currently 93) and 12 Signets.


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Zaryte doesn't shoot arrows.



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Let me clarify a bit, sorry, was on my phone


Chaotic is the only one that you can 100% get, though it may take quite some time to get DG up there.


Royal is a good alternative, though it is based more fully on pvm skill and rng. If you are lucky you can get a royal bow very fast, otherwise you may make a lot of money.


If you are good at QBD and have super antis, I would recommend doing that. who knows how lucky you are :p



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Thanks everyone!


Statistically, Att. Crystal Bow is better than Chaotics, so I shouldn't have any trouble doing QBD. I have DL armor, Att. Crystal, Super Antis, and SS. But, like Wkw pointed out, QBD is totally RNG, wheras I can work up to Chaotics. Also, Monarch, my bad. :oops: could have sworn Zaryte shot arrows when I wrote this, but it definitely does not. Looks like Chaotics it is. I'd like to skip them since I'm working on Ascs too, but I don't see another option.


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