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Extremely Odd Issue with Smartphone


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My smartphone model is Doogee Leo DG280, It uses android OS, and yesterday it started acting very weird regarding the touchscreen; whenever I push the lock screen button, and push it back again to unlock it, the touchscreen simply dies, it won't respond or do anything at all, yet the phone is fully functional cause I still receive texts, can adjust volume, etc. It's just the touchscreen that dies


Every time I reboot it (have to remove battery for this, due to touchscreen being dead), it gets fixed, until I push that button again, then the problem starts yet again


I already did a factory reset on it, and the problem persists, any suggestions?


Thanks in advance


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Could be a number of things. How old is your smartphone? also, what version of Android OS is it?

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I get similar with my tablet from time to time (like once every 2 or 3 weeks on average if I havent rebooted it) do my unlock pattern, screen turns off instead of unlocking - I can turn screen bk on but its still locked and it just repeats same loop.


I just hold the power button so I get the turn off option pop up and reboot it and its all good.


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