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22nd June 2015 - Artisans' Workshop Update


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I think there is a bug with artisans workshop  on the burial armour swapping interface. If you swap the armour you are creating to match what the instructions are you won't get the extra 10% bonus. To get the 10% bonus you need to stop what you are making and start making the piece the instructions mention.


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In the old version there was a grace period, so if you started making a piece and the instructions changed, you'd still get the bonus 10% for the item you were making. I guess they removed that when they added the new interface for changing.


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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Anyone know how long it would take to get restocking cannon, if i would start from scratch?


Hi Ryque, and welcome to TIF :).


Now regarding your question, as you probably know obtaining rewards requires you to earn and spend the currency known as 'respect' in the workshop. Respect is awarded roughly by experience gained in the workshop at a rate of approximately 1% per 10k xp. In order to buy the restocking cannon, you must buy:


Golden Cannon: 50%

Royale Cannon: 100%

Restocking Cannon: 100%


for a total of 250% respect. This means you need to earn roughly 2.5M smithing experience in the workshop to accumulate enough respect to purchase the restocking cannon, assuming that you are not interested in buying any of the other rewards.


As for how long, this is a slightly more involved question. There are quite a few different methods of training, which are generally a tradeoff between cost and time investment. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but Sy Accursed made a table in a post here which I quote below (and the spreadsheet too I think?) the other week showing the costs and time for 1.5M xp. So to find the relevant cost and time for yourself just multiply those numbers by 5/3 (1.5M * 5 / 3 = 2.5M). Disclaimer though, these prices were based off whatever the G.E costs were a month ago, so they may not be completely accurate - just a ballpark idea.


Decided to do some more accurate math, current GE prices assuming you have the full 15% bonus for doing right armour and no mid-sum rough rounding

This is based off 1,500,000 xp for 150% respect and making 336 armour per hour; ranked slowest to fastest.


Iron (I) 2,7m 38.4 hours

Steel (I) 10,5m 34.4 hours

Mith (I) 13,3m 23.7 hours

Iron (II) 12,2m 19.2 hours

Iron (III) 13,7m 16.2 hours

Steel (II) 16,9m 15.3 hours

Addy (I) 16,2m 14 hours

Mith (II) 20,7m 12.3 hours

Steel (III) 28,8m 11 hours

Mith (III) 32,4m 9.6 hours

Addy (II) 25,7m 8.5 hours

Rune (I) 34,4m 7.7 hours

Addy (III) 30m 6.8 hours

Rune (II) 55,1m 6.2 hours

Rune (III) 90,6m 5.1 hours


Original sums for exact numbers http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1549FD1jKU0YBC0AeAwqqd_IwFsbSnmAF8kRxZtyfI8A/edit?usp=sharing


There are also some random events (like fixing burst pipes or killing ancestors) that generate a small amount of respect, which may save you a little cash. I hope that helps and good luck getting your cannon :).

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So they probably fixed the berserk mode for normal rune drags, and normal elites, but with their 'joke'/tribute elite they forgot? For that matter, none of them are even supposed to be aggressive with this update lmao

Seems the same deal as how they fixed all warpriest sets release by release, and now tuska set has the same problems cuz it was released later (can't keepsake, etc).


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