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RuneTribe | Social Community

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Hey There!

Do you need help with questing, skilling, or combat? Or, are you just looking for a great place to meet new people? If so, you’ve found the right clan to join! Rune Tribe is a mature, social clan dedicated to helping anyone who plays Runescape. Please take the time to read the rest of our thread and make your decision to become a part of a community where everyone is welcome.

It is our main goal that with the launch of RuneTribe, that together as a clan, we can create equality among all members. We want this clan to welcome everyone regardless of combat levels, experience in the game, or skill levels. Whether you want to join the clan to meet more people that share the same maturity level and interests as you, or if you just need help keeping your sanity while skilling, we welcomes you! If you think we are a right fit for you, please fill out our application to join. Then pm an admin+ to alert them that an application is posted.


Official Clan P2P Home World: 4


Clan Founders:  Belg, Skyes, iamtyler8, Love Walez, L2Quack


Total Members: 8





About Rune Tribe


Purpose Behind Rune Tribe:


The main goal that the founders had for this clan chat is to facilitate a community in which everyone feels welcome and enforce equality amongst all members. Equality becomes important when you read about our system of ranks, which is explained in the posts below. We want this clan chat to create long lasting friendships between everyone. In order to achieve this, we must all come to together and put forth our best effort to making the clan chat environment fun and enjoyable for all players.


Expectations Of You:


We expect anyone who joins our clan to be mature, social, and actively participate in our community. In order to make this clan successful, it is our belief that everyone needs to develop relationships, not with just the founders, but everyone in the clan. It is your responsibility as a community member to always abide by Jagex rules, in addition to our clan rules, and treat everyone with respect and dignity. Clan events are not mandatory, but we would love to see you there!


What To Expect From Us Founders:


It is our goal to be more than just strictly facilitators and coordinators of this clan. We can promise you that as founders, we will always remain dedicated, supportive, faithful, and honest to the clan, our members, and the entire community as a whole. We realize that this community would not exist without you, therefore we value and respect every single individual who decides to become apart of our community. You have our word that we will  always remain committed to this clan.


Clan Rules



1. RuneScape Rules

All apply so simply follow them 


2. Respect

We expect all members to treat each other with respect at all times. 


3. Swearing

As a mature clan, we will allow swearing, only to the degree that it is not directed towards anyone specific or that it is persistent swearing all at once.


4. Spamming

Sending a message more than 3 times in a row is considered spamming the chat. This makes reading the chat annoying and is not tolerated.


5. Disputes

To maintain a clean atmosphere in the clan chat, disputes between clan members are not permitted to be discussed about in the clan chat. If you have an issue with another member, please speak to an admin+ rank to resolve the dispute.


6. Money/Item Borrowing

Trust trades are done at both parties risk, however, we don’t encourage clan members to trust trade items or gold to each other for risk of scamming. Anyone found to be scamming with sufficient evidence brought up to an Officer+ rank, may be subject to discipline up to removal from the clan. We also do not tolerate begging for items/gold. You are most definitely able to gift money or lend items from the lending system to help each other out, as we want everyone to grow within the clan.


7. Inactivity and Name Changes

Everyone has a life beyond RS and we understand if you need to take a break. If you have the chance, we ask that you inform us via the inactive form below. Inactivity longer than a month without notification (we haven't seen you login and you have not gained any EXP) will result in rank lost down to Corporal. Name changes will have to also be informed via the form above as well.


8. Participation and Appropriate Discussions

We have a laid back community, as such clan activities are never mandatory to attend. We want you to feel free to participate as much as you want. Gaining higher ranks will however require you to participate in activities to promote growth within the clan. Also, please engage in appropriate discussions in the clan chat to uphold a mature, friendly community. There should not be any discussions about drugs, sexual content, religion, etc. Failure to comply will result in a warning and then a temporary ban if it continues.


9. Enjoy Yourself!

RuneScape is a game! Have fun, enjoy yourself, and most of all do what makes your heart sing! If you like slaying, then slay! If you like bossing, then boss! There's no sense in doing things in this game that you don't like.


Rune Tribe Board


The Board is incude all of the members who are rank Captain and above. These members help run the clan in day-to-day management. These duties included are: hosting events, update/manage the citadel, promote the clan with recruitment, and much more. All board members are also able to vote on a weekly basis for clan wide rank changes. Once a clan member is suggested by a board member, the whole board will vote on the suggested change of rank (up, down, or even removal). A majority vote of ‘yes’ will put in effect the suggested rank and the individual will be told of the change of rank the next time they are online.



Board Members:


Owner -


• Belg


Deputy Owner(s) - 


• Skyes


Coordinator(s) -




Organizer(s) -




Admin(s) - 




General(s) -




Captain(*) - 




RuneTribe Ranks




- Has applied to the clan and been accepted into the clan

- Can cap at the clan citadel

- On a 7 day trial period from when the new recruit is invited in-game



- Reached after 1 week in the clan (7 days)

- Granted access to the official Skype Group

- This is also the rank held for members who have alternate accounts and/or are inactive (refer to rule 6 & 7)



- Reached with at-least 1 month in the clan (30 days) 

- Granted access to the official Mumble Server

- Member has become an active part of the clan and its activities



- Reached with at-least 2 months in the clan (60 days)

- Required to have Skype and be in the  Skype Group

- Required to Cap at the Citadel each week

- Member is continuously active in the clan week after week



- Reached with at-least 3 months in the clan (90 days)

- Given "Officer" status within the clan and now part of the Board

- Granted the ability to accept applications and invite new recruits to the clan

- Member is always active in-game and helpful to clan members when possible



- Reached with at-least 4 months in the clan (120 days)

- Performs Officer and member responsibilities beyond expectations

- Produces an environment in the clan that is friendly and inviting for all members


Admin - Overseer

- Reached with Clan Co-Owners approval

- Granted "Admin" status in the clan with an increased role in the Board

- Granted the ability to bring the Avatar out for the clan to gain bonuses

- Helps with day-to-day management of the clan


Deputy Owner & Owner

- Reached as Founder or by unanimous decision by the Co-Owners

- Has exceeded all expectations and has become an intricate part of the clan

- Makes the day-to-day decisions and helps decide the future for the clan



Become A Member 

Your only requirement to join is to fill out our application form provided below. An application must be posted and then approved before an in-game invite will be sent. Please be patient if you post an application and do not get an immediate response, we will work our hardest to respond as soon as possible.




Please use the template below and paste it in your reply post. (* indicates required field)




Nickname/Name You'd Like to be Called?:


*P2P or F2P:

*Combat Level:

*Total Level:

Any 99’s?:

What are your current/future goals in-game?:

*After reading all the rules, which rule do you find most important?:

Why are you joining?:

*Are you prepared to help at the citadel?

*Have you left another clan within the last 7 days?

Did a member of the clan recruit you? If so, who?:

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or would like us to know?:



Lastly, after you have posted your application, wait patiently for an administrator to accept your application. You may contact someone from the list below and notify them that an application has been posted. Below are the high ranking members  that are able to accept and invite you in-game.





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