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I am fairly new to the game of Old School RS and my levels are next to none including

magic level.


What is the best way to get from one location to a location on the other side of the map in

terms of teleporting? Can I buy something to travel across the map without needing to

level anything? Do I need to level before being able to use law runes?


I have tried googling and youtube but the answers are always sketchy and incomplete.


Please help.

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Teletabs are another good option, although some of them are tied to quest requirements. (Also, there are no lodestones on OSRS, as far as I know.)

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Lumby tele, run to shanty, can get teled to jail, and from there, you are in the south fally/sarium area, and can take the charters to many places


Tree gnome village is easy as long as you can get someone to help safespot the boss, and that gives you access to spirit trees


Grand tree is easy, too. Just need to be able to tank a hit of 18 from blk demon and safespot it, gnome gliders


Only something like 15 farming needed to start fairy tail 2, which is fairy rings. Need lost city, though.



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