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Tip.It Patch Notes 2.0 - Summer Beach Party, New Varrock Tasks & More!

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It has been a while, and we're back with a second set of patch notes and other updates we have made to various content around the site. I would also like to thank the community for several nice suggestions over the past month or so - keep them coming, we appreciate it :).
Homepage UpdatesGuide UpdatesNPC & Bestiary Updates
The following have been updated/added:Item UpdatesQuest UpdatesShop UpdatesCalculator UpdatesUpdates from the Community
  • A challenge scroll was corrected in the Challenges page, and we learned the true meaning behind "IM KROM" here.
  • Added secondaries in the list of pouches that can be created in the Summoning Calculator and Summoning Planner.
  • Ascension and ascendri bolts have been added to the Fletching Calculator and Planner.
  • Improved the Quest Requirement Calculator with a suggestion per the forums by adding a tooltip that shows, for a given skill, exactly which prerequisite quest demands the highest level in it. In the event of multiple quests having the same requirement, the most deeply nested quest is displayed.
  • Improvement to the Smithing Guide - adding information regarding the utility of the Lumbridge furnace and touched up the guide cosmetically.
  • Polar kebbit XP values have been corrected in the Hunter Guide, Calculator, and Planner.
  • Scavenging meerkat card (team) added thanks to a submission.
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Awesome to see you guys updating the website with all this recent (and not so recent) content. Hopefully this can attract even more players to these great forums as well.

Keep up the great work :)



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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