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Hey, tip.it, dunno why I never made an account here before

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My name is Erin and I'm 20 years old, hailing from New Zealand.


I've played Runescape for about 10 years. I'm 21 in a month or so and I know I signed up when I was 10 or 11ish in June/July. I used tip.it a lot when I was younger for quest guides and things like that.


My levels are ridiculously low, just like my attention span. I have 99 woodcutting, nothing else. I go for months without playing to months of no lifing in the blink of an eye. It's a bit harder now because I am working and studying 6 days a week but I still manage to find time to scape now and then. I'm in it mostly for the social aspect.


I'm an avid user of SwiftKit and don't touch RuneScape without it.


On a personal note, here are some other things about me:


  1. I love anything monochrome. All outfits in all games I play are black/white/grey.
  2. I recently built my new computer from scratch.
  3. Nokia Lumia phones are my favourite ever. 
  4. I'm studying a Diploma in ICT in the programming stream.
  5. Sleep is my best friend.

Hopefully I'll crash some of your threads around here soon :)



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Hello, and welcome to Tip.It. It's better late than never to join us. :)


And I'll have to agree with you, I myself never play RS without Swiftkit, it simply feels wrong if I don't. :P

[01:24:34] CJ Hunnicutt: it takes skill to be that [bleep]ing stupid

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