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Morvran block/prefer list? (Money-wise)


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That video is fairly outdated, being uploaded in early 2014.


If you wanted money more than anything, I'd definitely recommend preferring Edimmus, Rune Dragons, TDs and Glacors maybe. Black dragons would be decent as well for QBD. Greaters and Aviansies are also good tasks to do so that you can do Arma/Zammy. Airuts are about 3m/task, and Dark beasts about 2m/task. Lava strykewyrms wouldn't be too bad either, if you want to deal with killing them in the wilderness and potentially deal with PKers.


Honestly, a lot of the tasks Morvran assigns are pretty good for GP. I can't really recommend a prefer/block list, but definitely prefer Rune Dragons, Edimmus and TDs.

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Until last week I've never actually touched bosses (killed one time QBD to charge my Royal and that was it). Since I wanted to upgrade my gear I decided to go with slayer/bossing instead of mindlessly bashing QBD for weeks. Since I reeeeeaaallly suck at timing and stuff I wanted till I got my hands on T85/90 magic/ranged weapons and T80 armors before I started (heck, it took me 70 kills to actually manage to NOT get obliterated during the T4 tormented soul spawn).


My current prefer list

Black Dragons - for QBD

Aviansies - Kree

Greater Demons - Kril

Rune Dragons - I have quite the luck with them (I think - I get like 1 rare drop per 2-3 tasks and they are around 20m each)

Dagannoth - DKs

2 open


TDs I tried but I simply cant handle so much macromanaging (so much style and prayer changing is just too much, I have to swap weapons like every 2 hits or so). I am going to try them again soon but I am just sooooooo bad with that much swapping. At least at DKs I get to swap every 35k damage.


Nihils, Muspahs and Glacors are unlocked. The first two are good cash but I didn't find them to be anywhere near 4m as advertised lol :D (more like 2.8m). I've done quite a lot of them actually, they were my primary method for making cash up to this point. I am still learning Glacors (never actually killed them before) that's why they still aren't preferred. When I learn to kill them properly they are probably going to the list.

Aquanites I locked, fast task but low on cash.



- Waterfiends - sure killer charms, but I am already 99 summoning, I wont be wasting any more money on this. The cash is pitiful (600k/h or so ?)

- Mutated Jadinkos - no cash ... like at all

- Nechrayel - around 600k/h too I think ?

- Shadow Creatures - Around 1m or so

- Desert Strykewyrms - I have those blocked since times immemorial

- Lava Strykewyrms - CBA with pkers

- Black Demons


If I could I'd prefer the Rune Dragons 7 times. The cash even without the drops is nice and with the drops it's ... suuuper nice :D (I average like 3.5-4m without it I think. With the rare drops it goes to like 10m)


My primary problem is more with the block list. I have no idea which tasks are both bothersome, long and low on cash. By the looks of it slayer was designed with 35-40 minute tasks in mind so I guess most of them are the same in length ... but still :D

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Jadinkos are the best elite clue droppers.


Don't block then if you like doing clues



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Sort of, but when you get that 3rd age dye and sell it for 1.8b, you won't call it a waste of time.



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Sort of, but when you get that 3rd age dye and sell it for 1.8b, you won't call it a waste of time.

don't get me wrong, i do elites because I enjoy them, money wise, even if you could do them 15 minutes each time and you got 3a dye every 10k clues it's terrible money, if you got extremely lucky and got one every 3k clues at 1.8b it'd still be terrible money. At the same time the next one you do could be 3a, but it's not really worth it in general (for sake of gp, liking them is a different thing entirely)

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