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[OSRS] Dusk - Community Clan (Skilling, PVM)

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Clan World – 310

Clan Chat – Dusk Clan
Leaders – Sentai/Majoris & Thy42

Timezone – Eastern Standard Time (EST)


​To apply, post an application on this thread, our RSOF thread or on our forums (http://duskclan.com). The application template can be found at the bottom of this thread under the rules & rank information. I look forward to seeing you around! 




Born out of the ashes of the former Dawn Clan, Dusk is a clan that focuses on the fun and social aspects of RuneScape. We are looking to create an accepting, friendly community that allows for a large amount of play types, from casual to hardcore. No matter how you play, you will find likeminded players in our clan! We have a large variety of events, and allow members to organize them whenever they feel they want to. In our clan, there will be plenty of opportunity for promotion, based on your participation, support and behaviour within Dusk.

Clan events will include, but will not be limited to:
PvM trips, such as Barrows, KBD and God Wars
PvP events, such as Castle Wars and PKing trips
Skilling events, such as Skill Weeks/Days
Minigame events, such as Barbarian Assault and Pest Control
Fun events, such as Hide 'n Seek and Trivia




• As a main: 500 total level or 70+ combat*

• As a pure (1 defence): 450 total level or 60+ combat*
• As a level 3 skiller: 350 total level (or) two level 80+ stats*
• A mature attitude
• The ability to cooperate well with others
• Willingness to support the clan with tasks such as thread bumping

* The skill requirements are not necessarily rigid, and the clan leaders retain the right to invite someone to the clan without these stats if they have proven that they can be a strong member of our clan.



1. Scamming, luring or being generally dishonest towards other players, especially clan members, is prohibited, and will result in an immediate ban if you are caught doing so.

2. You are not allowed to actively flame and insult others in the clan chat or otherwise.
3. Use of derogatory language, such as racist or oppressive slurs, is prohibited, and will result in a kick and subsequently a ban if used excessively.
4. If you have a dispute with another member, please either temporarily ignore them and talk to a staff member or take it to private messages to deal with it in a manner that does not cause turmoil within the chat.
5. The word of a staff member is final, and if you have a problem with something they have ruled on, bring it to an admin rather than bringing it up publicly.
6. Multi-clanning is not allowed. However, a member of Dusk can join any regular PvM or PvP groups, as long as it does not take away focus from Dusk on an extremely regular basis.
7. Merchanting from other members of Dusk is not allowed, unless the member knows specifically that you plan on doing so. If you are caught trying to take advantage of the trust of another member, there will be consequences.
8. A member of Dusk must follow and adhere to JaGEx/RuneScape rules, and if you are caught breaking them, you will be punished by a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity.
9. Do not ask for ranks in the clan chat. They are time and application-based. You will be upgraded after: 2 weeks and 6 months (or) when/if your application for staff rank is accepted.
10. No begging for items in the clan chat. You may ask if members have an item to sell or if they would be willing to lend/give you an item, but if it is extremely repetitive, you will be warned through a kick.


At Dusk, we have a very simple ranking system to keep the community as tight-knit as possible. The ranks are as follows:

New Member - Recruit
This is for people who have just joined Dusk. As you go through the next couple weeks, you will be at this rank. Think of this as a little trial.
Active Member - Corporal
After two weeks and the attendance of at least 1 clan event, you will be promoted to this rank. Congratulations for making it this far! We hope you can continue to stick around and stay a part of our community.
Senior Member - Sergeant
After six months & the attendance of at least at least five clan events, you will be considered a senior member. At this point, you have probably become quite well known within the chat, and we want that to be recognized. Congratulations for getting this far!
Staff Member - Lieutenant
You are considered a trusted member, and the administrators have recognized that you might be able to help watch over the clan chat and off-site forums. In the future, members can apply for this role and other staff members and administrators will be voting on who gets this role. This role has a lot of responsibilities, including arranging events, moderating the clan chat and dealing with issues within the clan. Use this power wisely.
Administrators - General

Administrators are the heads of the clan. They make and enforce rules, deal with stuff behind the scenes and keep the clan going. They are the highest rank.



Total level:
Highest skill:
Lowest skill:
Tell us about yourself: Insert an introduction here - at least 2 lines. For example, you could tell us about your hobbies/interests, what kind of pets you have, where you're from or literally anything about you!
Why did you choose Dusk?
Have you read the rules? Do you agree with them?
Will you actively support the clan by attending events?
Will you join the forums (http://duskclan.com) & check at least a couple times per week?

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user-coolluck 999

total level-1040

highest skill- fletching 91

lowest skill hunter 1

about me- i love playing rs been playing for about 6-7 years i have two dogs and am trying to become a doctor im from texas and am just looking for a nice chill clan to join. 

currentaly im going for 99 fletching and wc.I would love for yall to welcome me to the clan! 

I just saw the page joined the clan chat and everyone seem very nice

i have read and agree to the rules

I will try my best to attend the events however i might not be able to make some due to school.

i will try and check the forum evey day when i have the time.

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Total level:991

Timezone: Amsterdam

Highest skill: 77 hunter

Lowest skill:1 farming

Tell us about yourself: i am 18 years old almost 19 i play osrs every day right now im working on my cb so i can kill bosses.

Why did you choose Dusk? My brother ontspoord told me about it

Have you read the rules? Yea Do you agree with them? Yea

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Username: hamsterslayr

Total level:1628

Timezone: PST

Highest skill: 85 range

Lowest skill:41 construction

Tell us about yourself:  This is my second go round with RS after a 12 year break to play WOW. Came back when I found OSRS on mobile

Why did you choose Dusk? I found you on the clan recruitment thread and seemed like it would be a good fit

Have you read the rules? Do you agree with them?  yes and yes

Will you actively support the clan by attending events? as much as i can, I work full time and have family duties that take priority though

Will you join the forums (http://duskclan.com) & check at least a couple times per week? yes



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