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Deadmanteam #1 Deadmanclan


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ClanChat/FriendsChat:- DeadManTeam



The clan will aim to dominate Oldschool Deadman Mode which means controlling Good training spots, Good resources spot and etc..
Rising through the ranks will be as easy or as hard as you make it to be, no Rank is safe even the leaders,Rising through the ranks comes with more responsibility to the clan, arranging events, raids and so on.

Requirements to Join
There are no Requirement to join but we need players who know how to handle themselves and are willing to spend a good amount of time in the game

One of the Benefits will be the "Early game" Guide which i will give to you and it is about how we plan to progress through the game, being the first in everything in Deadman Mode (hopefully) and Getting the higher ranks and establishing our dominance through Runescape!

Basic Rules are as follow
1- Do not kill other clan members
2- Do not scam other clan members
3- If a problem occurs between two members, a 1v1 match with a General attending is how we go about it
4- No Cursing at other members, try to avoid offensive matters and subjects
and more to come but these are the basics
More Rules To Come These Are Only The Basics

Ranks/Trading/Resource Gathering

1- Ranks

Anyone can rise through the ranks by doing multiple things, By being helpful towards the clan members , by providing guides tips and so on ,on our own site/forums , by being very active and by simply obeying our rules.

Trading is not yet confirmed, but if there is trading in Deadman mode then you can simply go to our forums and buy and sell your items there in the thread "Clan Market"

3-Resource Gathering
Without Resources no one can survive in runescape, and they are going to be essential for food, potions, armor and so on, So we will have Ranked members who are solely ranked because of their contribution in potions,food,armor,weapons even flax,bowstrings,logs. Anyone who is useful will sure be rewarded. however no one is forced to gather resources and give them to the clan and it is not a rule. However everyone must contribute someway in the evolution of the clan. Items will be sold to the clan members at discounted rates, the higher the rank the better the discount, Remember that Everyone will get a chance to rise through the ranks!


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