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Power armor, speed and EOC

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Does the bonus from the power armor go before or after the damage-recalculation for abilities ?


For example: you have a weapon with 2.4 attack speed 1000 damage from the weapon itself and 100 strength bonus.


a) The 100 gets added to the 1000 for a total of 1100. After that the damage is equalized for 3 APS making it 1375 for abilities.




b) The 1000 damage gets equalized for 3 APS making it 1250, after which he 100 from the strength gets added for 1350.

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The damage of power armor is a flat bonus added to ability damage after it is equalized based off of weapon speed.


Meaning, a slowest weapon and fastest weapon of the same tier get the same damage boost for abilities. Its the same for auto attacks, too.

Also, the damage from power armor also gets added flat to auto attack damage, too.



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