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Suggestions for Returning Player

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I just logged on after four years and have no intention of dedicating a lot of time to RS (maybe a few hours a week at the most), but have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions?  Can someone give me a summary of changes in the last five years?  I have 41M in the bank; I know that's not a lot, but anything I can do with it?


I know I'm being very vague, and that's intentional.  Just trying to get some ideas.




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Last 5 years...that is a big task lol. I guess the main change is Evolution of Combat and how it changed the dynamic of virtually all fighting in the game. Essentially you can fire off a series of special attacks which do different amounts of damage and generate adrenaline. When you have enough you can do more powerful attacks at the cost of some or all of it. The other change is generally standarizing everything in terms of tiers and level requirements. For example now, a weapon that requires 60 attack is roughly the same as another weapon that with the same level requirement. There's also duel wielding weapons, which has generally superseded the use of shields. You can also play a simpler version of combat by turning on "Legacy Mode" in interface settings, which is meant to emulate the old combat. It can help give things a look that might be more familiar to you :).


So...I'm not sure what you want to do, but in terms of combat, RS has come out with several more tiers of weapons and such. The cheapest of those are drygores, duel wield melee weapons, which run ~50M a set (main hand + offhand). But I mean in the mean time if you want to do combat, the GWD power armours (Bandos/Armadyl/Subjugation for melee, ranged, and magic, respectively) are much cheaper than they were back in the day, so you could buy those and do some Slayer or lower level bossing? They're fairly liquid so you can just sell them back.


I imagine you haven't checked out the Dungeoneering and Divination skills...those are useful, but Divination can be tedious to train (semi-afk) and Dungeoneering hard to start...any interest in training that? It would be great if you could be a little more specific so we know what might interest you :P.

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