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What to do with uncut gems?


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Dear all,


Basicly, as the title says, what is the best way to handle all the uncut gems you get (either from killing monsters, MTK, TH, ...)


Should I cut them for crafting xp, and then go even further to make some jewellery or is that not worth it?

Bolt tips perhaps? But really, sapphire and emerald bolt tips ??

Best to just sell them? This seems also very appealing but what do other people buy them for then?


On a funny note, they should make a gem pool in your POH for you to swim in, or gem-armour (so you can skill in your very shiny full emerald or whatever...), complete with gem-bars and all...


Thx in advance!



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From an Ironman prospective:


Cut them.

Make lots of Cosmic and Nature runes.

Get Gold smithing gloves from Family Crest quest.

Mine and smith gold bars. (may get even more gems)

Make jewelry. (usually the bracelets alch for the most money)

Enchant the jewelry. (keep the rings of dueling for teleporting)

Alch the jewelry that you do not want. (get Magic up to High Alch)


Rinse and repeat as necessary.


You get Crafting XP, Runecrafting XP, Mining XP, Smithing XP, Magic XP and Gold pieces.



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That is a subjective question I guess. Cutting 5 gems here and there when you get them for free will take quite a long time to get anywhere. Some people attempt to buy gems in bulk to train Crafting quickly. Of course I say attempt because G.E quantity limits make it difficult to hoard up the quantity of gems that you need. If you want to train Crafting, I'd just dump them all on the G.E and then use cash to train with one of the cheaper methods. For example, most gold jewellery (uncut gem + bar -> finished product) seems to run a profit. You would have to check that those can be sold effectively or alched though, as some of them have slim markets.


And oh yes, it would have been grand to swim in emeralds. Where were you? :P

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