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Tip.It Patch Notes 3.0 - Fist of Guthix Rewards & More

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We're back with lots of updates since last time! Have a look below...

Homepage Update

Guide Updates

  • Artisan's Workshop has some new rewards.
  • New Treasure Trail anagram and challenge scroll added.
  • The Ability Book was updated to mention some tweaks fresh off the combat beta.
    • Quake now deals 219% damage to the main target.
    • Hurricane - damage dealt to all adjacent targets is now 66-219%, hitting the main target for a second time for 84-161% of your weapon damage.
    • Hurricane - now shares a cooldown with Destroy.
    • Hurricane - halberds & noxious scythes now deal 5x5 AoE damage instead of 3x3.
    • Hurricane, Snapshot & Wild Magic have had their hits slightly spread out.
    • Meteor Strike will now deal AoE damage to nearby opponents.
    • Meteor Strike no longer requires the opponent to have more than 50% life points.
    • Barge will now apply a 1.2 second bind on an opponent.
    • Barge no longer shares a cooldown with Surge.
  • The Firemaking Guide now mentions the life bonus buff timer.
  • The Treasure Trail Coordinates page will now display a lightboxed image when the "Picture" text it clicked.
  • Vexilla stands will hold your vex for half in hour in Clan Camp even if you leave the area.

Item Updates

  • The following items have been added to the database.
    • [item=16231]
    • [item=16234]
    • [item=16127]
    • [item=16205]
    • [item=16201]
    • [item=16242]
    • [item=16197]
    • [item=16204]
    • [item=16236]
    • [item=16237]
    • [item=16217]
    • [item=16230]
    • [item=16193]
    • [item=16198]
    • [item=16221]
    • [item=16203]
    • [item=16233]
    • [item=16199]
    • [item=16207]
    • [item=16223]
    • [item=16229]
    • [item=16241]
    • [item=16238]
    • [item=16240]
    • [item=16239]
    • [item=16243]
    • [item=16232]
    • [item=16206]
    • [item=16202]
    • [item=16192]
    • [item=16235]
  • Battle gear armour has been updated:
    • [item=7413]
    • [item=7414]
    • [item=7415]
  • [item=9834] now holds more coal.
  • [item=7441] have been updated.
  • Druidic armour has been updated:
    • [item=7406]
    • [item=7408]
    • [item=7409]
  • Fist of Guthix now features some new rewards:
    • [item=16253]
    • [item=16255]
    • [item=16251]
    • [item=16252]
    • [item=16258]
    • [item=16250]
    • [item=16257]
    • [item=16254]
    • [item=16256]
    • [item=16259]
  • [item=15551] can now be obtained from Sinkholes.
  • [item=16009] now shows the correct stats.
  • [item=15392] has had its examine text updated.
  • [item=2476] has had its image sprite updated.
  • [item=12986] has had its image sprite updated.
  • Some pieces of void armour have had their stats corrected/updated:
    • [item=5220]
    • [item=5221]
    • [item=5222]
    • [item=7533]
    • [item=10640]
  • [item=15247] updated to include quick-charging lodestones.
  • [item=16074], [item=16075], [item=16076], [item=16077], and [item=16078] can be stored in a POH (as well as other tiers).
  • The following items formerly rewarded from Fist of Guthix have been updated, along with their alchemy prices. Their degraded and now discontinued counterparts remain in the items DB thanks to a generous kickback from Reggie for posterity:
    • [item=7425] || [item=7789]
    • [item=7423] || [item=7788]
    • [item=7419] || [item=7739]
    • [item=7417] || [item=7736]
    • [item=7420] || [item=7778]
    • [item=7427] || [item=7779]
    • [item=7421] || [item=7785]
    • [item=7424] || [item=7787]
    • [item=7416] || [item=7656]
    • [item=7418] || [item=7737]
    • [item=12277] || [item=12276]
    • [item=7426] || [item=7790]
    • [item=7422] || [item=7786]
  • The following have had their G.E. quantity limit adjusted:
    • [item=16105]
    • [item=14497]
    • [item=10289]
    • [item=16106]
    • [item=712]
    • [item=4565]

NPC Updates
The following NPCs have been added or updated:

Bestiary Updates

Quest Updates

Shop Updates

Calculator Updates

Updates from the Community

  • Corrected a requirement needed for the quest Hero's Welcome.
  • God chisels have been added into the Construction Guide.
  • Rune gauntlets have been added to the drop table of hellhounds.
  • The Rum Deal quest now makes note of the need for Slayer gloves and having sufficient prayer points.
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Nice to see lots of updates :)


Retired item crew

I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

If you want to add me in game, add "essiw".

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