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I just got back to playing runescape 3 weeks ago from being a newbie. I saved up 10m for this thing they call "bond" now it has an option to "change character name" or become a "member" and getting "runecoins" right? 


I was wondering, I logged on to runescape website then it says there i can only change my character name if im a member. If i use the bond for 14 day membership will i still be allowed to change my character name? or not? 




mr. boomtastic 

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Members have the option to change their character name once every 28 (?) days, yes. If you change your name, you will be placed on a cooldown and not be able to make another change for that length of time. The option there is if you wish to change your name a second time without waiting that long.


So yes, you can redeem your bond for 14 days of membership and then change your name, assuming you have not already changed it recently.

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