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Slayer / general armour & weapons


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I've been away from the game for a few years, and it seems like it's completely changed. I've got about 400m to spend and I'm 2 levels away from 99 slayer. What's the best set up for powering through these last 2 levels. No idea divination is but I'll start on that after slayer I think.


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Sounds like you have cash to burn :lol:! Good thing you had the fortitude to save it in cash. For a start, Bandos/Armadyl/Subjugation are the best non-degradable armor in each style, melee/range/magic, respectively. For general Slayer stuff they should be enough, but if you want to upgrade, Torva/Pernix/Virtus is the next set up. These do degrade and will cost a bit to repair when they do. You might want to start looking into Player-owned Ports as well. It takes some time to reap good rewards there, but you will get to it eventually and you can then use level 85 armor (untradeable versions) in each combat style, which tend to be popular.


In terms of weapons there are quite a few new tier 90 options, namely noxious (two-handed weapons), drygores (dual wield melee), ascension bows (dual wield ranged), and seismics (dual wield magic). Aside from seismics (which are close to 600M for a set) you would be able to buy pretty much anything. A set of drygores and either ascension bows or noxious longbow should work fine, since you have the cash for it.


If regular Slayer is boring you, you can also check out Soul Reaper. This is a daily D&D whereby Death sends you to kill bosses for a chunk of Slayer XP and reward currency, and can be a good excuse to try fighting some if you want to get into PvM. If you don't like your assignment you can reroll it, still for the same amount of Slayer XP but fewer points I believe.


In terms of Divination you might want to check out Guthixian Caches even now. You can get a decent chunk of XP from them daily in a rather short amount of time, so it might be worth taking advantage of. Other than that it's a pretty click and semi-afk skill.

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Brilliant reply, thank you! Do rings and amulets play a decent part in set ups anymore?


Amulets certainly play a big part in set-up nowadays. There are several in particular that is very interesting for certain area's of the game. They are, of course, a bit pricey because of that.


Some of the most used amulets/necklace slot items are:

  • [item=15182]
  • [item=15185]
  • [item=15437]
  • [item=15430]
  • [item=4309]
  • [item=14869]
  • [item=13354]


Some of them has special effects, so it is certainly worth to look into them.


As for the rings, they too can be very useful. However, they are less important than the amulets/necklaces. Here below is a list of rings you could look into:


  • [item=15181]
  • [item=14714]
  • [item=15380]
  • [item=8732]
  • [item=13454]

Some of these have a special effect as well or have some hard requirements to obtain (referring to Sixth-Age circuit here).


Best look into this list and decide for yourself. If you got any questions, be sure to ask them ;).

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On the ranged part of your set-up - most of the things you are going to range in slayer  are dragons. Or at least it's like that for me I can't really think of anything else I am ranging on tasks, except probably Kree'Arra. The best set-up for dragons right now is:


- Ascension Xbow (the T90 one handed)

- Death Lotus Darts (T85, player owned ports, as Arceus advised)

- Dragonbane arrows (reward from Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest)


So in a sense there is no reason to "waste" cash for a 2nd crossbow if you need to save some cash.




Another option if you want to "save"* money is the T80 Attuned Crystal Weapons. They require Plague's End quest, farming some elves in Prifddinas (or 90 smithing, you get one seed for free) and 2-3 hours of AFKing to make. They have T80 accuracy but they require at least 80 agility to use. On the good side at 99 agility they deal somewhere around T83 damage so they are really close to the Player Owned Ports option (at 99 agility they have 12% chance to deal 25% more damage).


*While 400m sounds a lot you may lack the cash to buy EVERY single thing you need (enough for 2 styles of combat, but you wont have enough for the 3rd style).

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