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Best daily challenge?


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Ok, so this just happened:  :shades:



And now I'm wondering what would be the best daily challenge to do? I've been doing two dungeoneering tasks for what feels like ages now and I really have no idea how good the other tasks are.

I have 99 in everything and only XP counts. But also keep in mind that fastest XP is not always the best if it's in a skill that is very easy to train anyways.


Thanks for help!  :wub:


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Divination might be helpful, now that they removed those shadow cores. Dungeoneering is not bad though, ~100K+ for a couple minutes of work :lol:.

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From an efficiency perspective the best three would be:



I might have the latter two switched, but they are very close anyway.


For you, it would probably be best to stick to the other two challenges every day, you can force them by having max of 5 unlocked dailies and the rest locked. To do this talk to that gnome in Burthrope of who I forgot the name of, she should allow you to lock daily challenges of which you got 99 of.


Edit: @Arceus, he/she got 200m dung exp. More would be a bit excessive, wouldn't it?

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If you are not 120 dg, extend your dg dailys (2 floors) for double the bonus xp. So worth it.


If you are 120 and just want keys, crafting is the fastest.



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