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What happened to these forums?

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Just thought I'd drop by here to check out the discussions on the updates to the game in the time since I left only to find this place mostly abandoned. No replies to update threads, only four pages of discussion for the release of a new skill. It's sad, and really unsettling to see. Really all there is to do now is fondly remember the good times had here years ago. I wish all of you tiffers the best, and if we one day run into each other in any other avenue of life just know that somewhere in my soul I'm saying HYT.

Previously known as Monkeybeast0.
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^ And this is exactly why this place is dying.

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    Chicken Feather

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Oh it was obvious that the activity was down LOL- I agree with you. 

:wacko:  :D  |^_^| 

can i get a haha :-D

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I have returned after a long absence and am upset by the activity here, it used to be full of people and conversations. I hope that one day, it will be bustling again.

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