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Darkscape Is Darkfall + Runescape


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Most of you probably won't remember me but I used to make pixel signatures on these forums years ago as well as be pretty active in the Blogscape section.


I left Runescape to play a game called Darkfall a while back and recently one of the developers left to join Jagex. In Jagex he works on the Darkscape project.


I thought i'd ask what you guys think of a full loot pvp game mode of Runescape. (Also shamelessly plugging Darkfall)






Some question I have about your guys' thoughts on full loot pvp;


-Can you still make friends with people in the world or is everybody Kill on Sight?

-How does contesting mob spawns work? Are people ever civil?

-Have small "gangs" formed so that they can "zerg" (blob somebody with numbers) in order to remain safe?

-Any good roleplaying coming from it? (ie: White knight players who protect and defend noobies?)


















The biggest difference between Runescape and Darkfall is that Darkfall is a 100% player run map. Clans siege cities to live out of. It would be similar to if Tip.It owned Falador and then RuneHQ sieging & taking control of Falador. 

Plus better combat.


Pixel Signature Made By Me.

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I personally enjoy the concept of full loot pvp. However Darkscape does it extremely poorly. There isn't much incentive to PvP. Deadman mode coming out in OSRS (Today i think?) Is much more intriguing with the loss of XP on death, bank access of those you've slain and no penalty for attacking skulled players.



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I wouldn't be opposed to PKing in general if there was no penalty for attacking skulled players.

Saving someone shouldn't punish you.

Runescape player since 2005
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